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Any good articles about the pain of infertility?

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Ilikesweetpeas Mon 11-Jan-16 20:47:21

I an very lucky to have a lovely DD born after IVF however all subsequent treatment has failed which I find really hard. We seem to be living in a very fertile family at the moment where both of DH's siblings / siblings partners have currently announced pregnancies. I am finding this REALLY hard to cope with. I'm in floods of tears constantly and trying to resist the temptation to self harm as the mental pain is so great.

I'm would love to find an article which explains how infertile people feel when others announce pregnancy. I wondered if any of you know of anything? I would just love for them to have some insight into how I feel.

Thank you in advance

Ilikesweetpeas Mon 11-Jan-16 21:35:23


Naughty1205 Mon 11-Jan-16 21:55:41

How about this?

I have done ivf 5 times, have a dd who is nearly 5, and am now 34 weeks preg with another ivf baby. I feel your pain even after success and it's something I know I'll probably never get over, weirdly, perhaps. It has changed me completely. I try to be open with family and close friends rather than keeping it all in, as it just doesn't help me mentally. You never know what's around the corner. I still can't believe it has been successful for me second time round with low AMH at age 42, only 3 eggs retrieved, 2 put back on day 3, didn't think genuinely there was a hope. Sorry for going on, just want to give you hope. Best of luck x

Naughty1205 Mon 11-Jan-16 22:00:33

These might help you also:

Ilikesweetpeas Mon 11-Jan-16 22:04:49

Thank you for that link Naughty. I appreciate your reply. I'm trying to be more open, but it's hard with DH family. Congratulations on your pregnancy

Naughty1205 Mon 11-Jan-16 23:25:21

Thank you. Oh dhs family don't know anything! They are completely different to mine. I couldn't talk to them at all. They wouldn't understand why we would go down the ivf road at all. In the early days I told my family about the ivf quite openly and they were supportive. I informed them as each step was progressing in our first cycle. Big mistake as we had a chemical pregnancy. So it went from my mother saying this was the best news they had had in years (bfp) to dh having to ring my sister a few days later telling them the news that it wasn't to be. I couldn't talk to them. They were heartbroken for us. So I learned a big lesson there. I found that if I did open up to some friends, so many of them were also going through fertility treatments. People who haven't been there just do not get it. Hope you're ok. thanks

Ilikesweetpeas Tue 12-Jan-16 20:51:31

Thank you, today has been a good day. Feeling positive tonight!

miamiaMo Fri 29-Jan-16 22:16:55

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bananafish81 Fri 29-Jan-16 23:38:43

This article

Her TED talk is also a brilliant watch - highly recommended

bananafish81 Fri 29-Jan-16 23:39:14

This article

Her TED talk is also a brilliant watch - highly recommended

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