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anyone having 1st round of IVF this month

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misspz Fri 01-Jan-16 17:55:20


Just trying to find someone who is at the same stage as myself. We have been ttc for almost 3 years now and after a lot of tests and back and forth, haven't found anything wrong, but for one reason or another we're still as childless as when we first started. And now we're finally at the stage of IVF.

Never thought we'd get here and now I'm actually getting a bit scared. I've got another 5 days of the pill. So injections will start on the 11th. So want this to go right. However not a big fan of needles, so about them too.

Anyone else who is going trough the same stage?

Just really hope 2016 is finally our year!

wineandcheeseplease Fri 01-Jan-16 18:30:39

Not at the same stage, I've just had my bfp after 1st round of IVF with nothing wrong with either of us. Just want to say good luck, and it isn't as scary as it seems!

misspz Fri 01-Jan-16 18:39:09

Congratulations wineandcheese. I'm sure it'll be fine DP has promised to help out with the injections, just very nervous with everything. Good to hear that some get BFP after the first round!

Annie0123 Fri 01-Jan-16 20:40:33

Hi misspz

I'm slightly behind you - drugs arriving next week. I'll start taking the pill later in January and then we have an appointment at the start of Feb when I assume they'll show me what to do with the drugs! Pretty nervous about it all to be honest. Also still unsure about how much time I'll need off work and how much to tell my boss about it.

Similar to you, we've been trying for 2 years and none of the investigations so far have shown anything is wrong, so we're still in the 'unexplained' category. Have got myself convinced there might be something wrong with my eggs...

I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

misspz Sat 02-Jan-16 08:03:50

Hi Annie,

So you're about a month behind. Still not long to go.

So far I know there will be 4 more appointments with the last one being the embryo transfer. I'm quite lucky in a away that I'm in charge of my own hours at work. Still need to tell my boss something, just don't know what yet.

This whole unexplained makes me a bit nervous as well, as you said, what if there's something wrong they haven't been able to pick up on yet.

Let's hope 2016 is our year.

Mansefield Sat 02-Jan-16 09:18:34

Hi misspz, I just sent you a PM. I haven't been receiving notifications and I tend to use the app so can't see my emails on here.
As u know I'm over 2yrs ttc and also unexplained although I got my AMH result back 2days ago and was <4 (age 35). So means I'll be on the highest protocol which is protocol 9.
That was a bit of a shock as I'm quite worried about the side effects anyway and now I know I need to be on the highest dose it's a bit scary.
Did you get an AMH result?
I should be due to have a prostap injection on around 31st Jan (cd21) then I have a provisional date of 14th Feb for a scan and bloods to be taken to make sure everything is 'shutdown'. So I'm just a bit behind you.

Like you I never imagined we would get to this stage either, but I think I've made peace with it now.

I know what you mean about time off work. I have some annual leave to play with and can take before April but I'm stressing a bit to decide when to take what. And I can't really take any longer than 2wks at a time.
And I don't want my work to know anything.

I've also decided if I do go into work and don't feel well then I know I can leave and go off sick, but only if I really need to.
I've had an immaculate sickness record in all my working life so I have made peace with myself that if I need to I'll take the time for this as it's such an important thing.
I don't worry so much about the physical side effects, it's the emotional side of things I worry about. I get a bit of anxiety anyway and so it's more anxiety and feeling depressed that I'd struggle with at my job. If I though I could just take 8wks off and be at home then I'd find the whole thing much easier to get through. It's not easy to deal with alongside a demanding job.

Anyway hopefully will make it a bit easier on us all if we can support each other through this.
Fingers crossed this will be the year for us all!! Good luck.

Finallyonboard Sat 02-Jan-16 09:22:55

Me! Good luck to us all.

Mansefield Sat 02-Jan-16 09:27:18

Hehe my posts always seem to end up a total essay! You can tell I don't talk to anyone about this in real life lol.

FeeFeeLaFew Sat 02-Jan-16 09:48:57

Hi all, I'll be watching your thread with interest - am a bit behind you but hoping to be starting not too far into the new year. Been TTC for 18 months (but it turns out I have blocked tubes as well as PCOS) and have my first appointment with the ACU on 19 January. I also have a gynae appointment next week (same team that referred me to the ACU) - not sure why they requested it and I really hope that nothing new has come up that could throw a spanner in the works.
Like Mansefield I've been wondering what leave is required/when. The idea of fitting in scans every other day (is that what happens?) sounds very stressful. But I guess it's a time when you just have to focus on yourself to the extent possible.
Good luck to everyone.

misspz Sat 02-Jan-16 12:29:00

Mansfield, my amh levels are good. Starting on a 150 injection of gonal f. The side effects does concern me, as I have quite a stressful job and long hours. So hope it won't affect too much. I'll just have to wait and see, DP will have to be on best behaviour for the next few weekswink at least he has promised to stay of drinks while I'm going trough this, as he knows I probably will crave the occasional glass of wine and wouldn't want to make things worse on me by having having a glass himself.
When it comes to sickness, I will do what is best for me, so often have I gone in to work not feeling well, but it's time we look after ourselves now.

Finallyonboard, fingers crossed for you!!!

FeeFee, sorry to hear about pcos and blocked tubes, I'm sure you'll get the help you need now they know what the issue is.
I haven't had a lot of time off. So once you start on the pills, you'll have one scan after about 2 weeks of the pills, where they the tell you when to start with the injections. Once you've started with them, you'll have two scans, egg collection and embryo transfer as far as known. I guess it all depends on how we'll you're responding g to the meds etc. that's my one concern that I'll be over stimulated or similar so that we'll have to wait another couple of month before trying again.

But just trying to stay positive,hardest thing she times. Fingers crossed we'll get that BFP this year,

MehMehM3h Sat 02-Jan-16 13:21:57

Me too, I start sniffing on the 14th...we have been trying for over 2.5 years and the investigations found I'm ok but hubby has poor sperm due to radiotherapy for his testicular cancer.

So we're doing ICSI and I'm on long protocol.

sooperdooper Sat 02-Jan-16 14:31:05

Hello smile I'm a bit behind most of you but after 2 years of trying and having the all clear on any issues we've decided we need to make a trip back to the doctors next week to discuss possible IVF, I've been reading up a bit about it all but does anyone know how quickly NHS treatment might start? As far as I can make out we're eligible for two tries, but can't find much about waiting times. Our tests before happened really quickly but I'm assuming there's a bit of a wait.

Vixxfacee Sat 02-Jan-16 14:36:50


I am a bit ahead of you. I started my ivf October. The injections were not bad at all. I had side affects from clomid but the injections just tiredness. The only annoying part was going to the hospital for scans and having to take time off from work.

The extracted 26 eggs, 16 fertilised but we only have 3 that are excellent quality. We are doing a frozen cycle as risk of ohss due to pcos. There is a waiting list to put them back in so March I will be starting drugs to have one put back in.

Good luck.

Vixxfacee Sat 02-Jan-16 14:37:56

We are eligible for 3 tries. But from the first consultation at the doctors to seeing a consultant at the hospital to actually starting the drugs was 2 years.

misspz Sat 02-Jan-16 14:53:02

Sooperdooper, I think it depends on where in the uk you are. For me it just took time because the gp messed up(didn't send referral) then hospital messed up(forgot to send drugs) but from the initial gp conversation it's been about 8 month, but there's no waiting list, just a lot of mess ups along the way. We had our initial hospital consultation in August, once the referral went trough correctly it's been about 5 month until we started everything.

Vixxfacee that is one long wait for you. At least all you need is one good one to work, fingers crossed it'll all work out and that one of them will sticksmile

Annie0123 Sat 02-Jan-16 15:22:57

Vixxfacee 2 years is such a long time to wait! Although it was still just over a year for us from seeing the GP to starting IVF in January (includes various admin mess ups along the way).

In our area we only get one go on the NHS. To be honest, they've been so terrible I'm already researching private clinics. It's such a postcode lottery!

misspz Sun 03-Jan-16 08:29:49

I hear you Annie, nhs has been an absolute nightmare here as well!

Mansefield Mon 04-Jan-16 10:04:49

Hi misspz, that's good your AMH levels are ok.
Hopefully the side effects will be fine and not as bad as we think they will be. I keep reading about the majority of people being absolutely fine, so I'm sure we all will be too.

I'm just trying to gear myself up to being a bit healthier and exercise more before starting treatment. We just tried to chill out and relax a bit over Xmas and not worry about it. Kinda looking forward to feeling a bit healthier after so much overindulgence cakeblushx

dessydee Mon 04-Jan-16 16:51:51

Hi All,
I've just started my first round IVF (been sniffing for 2 weeks and start injections on Wednesday) and been ttc for over 3 years. Would be great to go through the process with you all as will be great to support each other.

I wasn't ovulating so had 6 months of clomid which helped me ovulate but no natural pregnancy. Had the tube dye test and found I had blocked tube which was removed last year as well as endemetriosis treated, fibroids and cysts removed which means my left ovary isn't functional anymore. So i've been through the complete NICE guidelines for fertility and now have my 1 free NHS round!
Am totally bricking it to be honest, more because there have been so many disappointments over the past few years that I can't bring myself to hope too much and they don't think the environment in my uterus is very hospitable as my test scan at the fertility clinic showed the endemetriosis has come back so I'm not holding out too much hope.
I've tried pretty much everything in terms of diets and complementary therapies but am sticking to accupucture and homeopathy during the IVF treatment to help with the side effects and talking therapy so I can rant / cry / be pissed off to someone netural!
Good luck to you all, it's a tough time I know. x

anactualnurse Mon 04-Jan-16 20:47:34

Hey all, mind if I join you? After a VERY long time, I've just administered my first menopur injection.

We're on our first ICSI cycle, short protocol, and I'm doing my damnedest to think positive thoughts only.

misspz Mon 04-Jan-16 21:36:21

Mansfield, I know exactly what you mean sign healthy living, haven't been the easiest over Xmas....all kids everywhere, so I do tend to turn to chocolate etcsmile but that's all over now, I've dogged out the juicer and start blending them health drinks. I'll let you know how I feel about them once I've started the injections.

Welcome dessydee, fingers crossed everything goes well for you. I'm right behind yo with injections starting in a weeks time confused that's an awful lot to go trough for one person, it's definitely our year now!

Welcome to you as well anactualnurse, how long have you been trying if you don't mind me asking? The positive thinking is so hard at the best of times.... Im just glad the Xmas period is over and done with and all the happy family times are over for now.

Getting so close now, week starting the 25th will be egg collection week if I respond as planned to treatment. Just don't know what to tell the boss with all the appointments coming up, but hopefully I'll come up with something

Grumpelstiltskin Mon 04-Jan-16 22:35:33

Hi all,
We've been TTC for two years and I did my first gonal f jab tonight!
I had my protocol consultation booked in for today and as it also ended up being Day 2 I could get right to it! Slightly terrifying after such a long wait to crack right on, but exciting too.

I don't really mind needles all that much, luckily, but was still surprised how easy and pain-free the injection was. Fingers crossed that side effects aren't too bad. I then have my first scan on Friday.

It would be lovely to have some people to go through this with and be able to talk to. DH and I are being quite private about it IRL and it doesn't help that literally everyone we know are those annoying types who have sex one single time and then are instantly up the duff.

Wishing you all happy and successful cycles!

RoseBud2016 Tue 05-Jan-16 12:35:25

Hi misspz

I think I am very close to the stage you are at.

Shortened version of my story is: severe PCOS and a DH with low sperm count. (He has two DDs from a previous relationship so I know his swimmers can work!) Clomid 50, 100 and 150mg failed. Femara 2.5mg failed. Tubes and uterus are all good but my ovaries are crap! I have only ov'ed twice in the 18 months we have been TTC.

I am at this stage as quickly as I am thanks to an amazing GP and an even more amazing NHS fertility consultant who both seemed to take pity on me and fast tracked me through the NHS system- I had clomid within 8 months of TTC! However we have now been told that IVF is our only option and we have to go private because DH's 2DDs making us ineligible for anymore NHS treatment.

We are going abroad for treatment because its a third of the price with higher success rates. We have chosen Reprofit in Czech Republic and I start short protocol as soon as my AF turns up!

I will be taking 100mg clomid alongside 75iu Menopur injections from CD 3-7 initially (because of my severe PCOS and my AMH of over 99, they are worried about OHSS) The injection dose may go up after my CD7 ultrasound which I'm having in the UK before we fly out to Czech.

Wanna hold my hand too? We could do it together? smile

*Anactual nurse*- how did you find your first injection of Menopur?

Grumple Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

<waves> Hi Feefee and Vixx- my PCOS thread buddies smile

Rifa12 Tue 05-Jan-16 20:35:14

Hi everyone! Seems like we're all on the same boat! I'm hoping to start IVF mid February so this thread gives me great inspiration! Have been ttc for 2.5 years. I'm all okay and husband has very poor sperm! So well have ivf with icsi and keeping my hopes very high! As doctor told me that at this age -im 22 I have great chances !

Grumpelstiltskin Tue 05-Jan-16 21:56:23

Hi Rifa, I'm doing IVF with ICSI too due to slight male factor issues- consultant thought better safe than sorry seeing as we haven't even had a sniff of a BFP (or even a slightly late period) in all the time TTC.

Rose I've heard a lot of good things about that clinic on MN. Hope it all goes well. I'm private too, but In London, mainly due to NHS cocking a few things up at my end, general waiting list and the fact we're moving out of the borough in a few months so would lose our place in line anyway! Plus general impatience, of course. Amazing that after waiting so long (it's been 15 months since first NHS referral) it was 6 weeks from first calling my new clinic to starting treatment.

Hope everyone's doing well. Early night for me tonight!

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