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Clomid 50mg

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Zaraa192 Mon 28-Dec-15 06:14:00

hello everyone. I'm new in here. I've read all comments and made me so excited to get pregnant. I can't wait. I've been married on may 2015 so now we're 7months. Before I went to doc, we already tried for many times but still didn't get any. then I decided to see my personal doc. and she asked me to do ultrasound. My uterus not normal like you guys. Mine is retroverted uterus but my personal doc say it was normal and my both ovary are healthy & good. Just put pillow under my hip after intercourse. so for my first cycle she gave me clomid 50mg for five days. I did ovulate but not yet pregnant. So now I'm on my 2nd cycle with another 50mg clomid. So I hope this time its work. if still doesn't work, she will gave me 100mg for my 3rd cycle. I really wanna have a baby. by looking pregnant women walking around me, I got so many feelings. everything mixed up. worried, frustrated, excited n etc. Is anyone get pregnant with clomid 50mg????

I hope i will get a good news this coming new year 2016. I was thinking if this time i get pregnant, on january 2016 I will give my husband a special gift on his birthday. I pray for all of you guys who are waiting for getting a precious gift from god. Don't give up. we try our best smile

Rainy34 Tue 29-Dec-15 09:09:01

Hi i took 50mg of Clomid for the first time this month as i don't ovulate properly, i am on day 21 , I have read on other sites that ladies have got pregnant on 50mg, lets hope that it works for us both

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