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Advice needed please! (PCOS related)

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Peckaroo Sun 27-Dec-15 10:44:22

Hello everyone!
This is my first time on this website so please bear with me but I'm desperate for some advice and guidance.
Firstly a little bit about my situation:
Hubby and I stopped the pill in Dec 2013 and began TTC, 6months later and no joy we went to the doctor for advice which was to wait a bit longer which we did and 3 months later we returned. I had a blood test and an internal ultra sound (if you've had one before you'll know it's not fun!) which confirmed PCOS for which the doctor immediately offered me drugs (in hindsight I should of bit her hand off!!) which I declined as I was alone at the appointment and wanted to discuss with hubby. We then returned to the doctors to explain that before I took medication we would like him to be checked as well incase the medication was a waste of time (I'm not sure why the doctor didn't suggest this in the first place?!). The doctor agreed and asked me also to have another blood test which I did (by this point we are at August this year). Hubbys test came back normal as did mine so we returned to the doctors (all excited to get the medication and start fertilising some eggs!!) however we saw a different doctor who told me the previous doctor should of told me to have the blood test at a certain time of the month and because I hadn't the test was useless (btw I'm petrified of needles so by this point I was livid and this bear was about to be poked with a giant stick!!!). The new doctor said instead of starting medication she wanted to refer us to a specialist to investigate if anything else was happening and very helpfully booked me an appointment for early October with the specialist. And so we arrived at the appointment excited as we were hopefully getting somewhere only to be told I had 4 options:

• surgery involving camera through my belly button
• ultra sound involving injection up my foof!
(If anyone has had this you're braver than me!)
• 3 months of blood tests
Or option 4:
• the blood tests and one of the surgeries

Needless to say it was a lot to take in and I opted for the blood tests with a view to do one of surgeries if they didn't show anything. So I took the blood test paperwork and was informed that each blood test was to be done 21 days after I start each monthly period, well my body decided to give me a huge middle finger to that as I haven't come on since September (just before I saw the specialist!).
After another phone call to the doctor she said I was required to wait 3months then take medication (norethisterone) to induce a period.

Which brings us to today!
I'm on my last day of the tablets and need advice as to what to say to the doctor in the new year.
Do I accept the fact that they might say I have to wait another three months to see if I come on my period naturally a month later or is now the time to ask for some treatment?

I would love to hear your opinions and experiences as I'm so tired of waiting and doing nothing and feel like I'm being fobbed off 😢

I am aware that compared to some a two year wait to conceive is nothing but I wouldn't mind waiting if we were actually doing something!

Thanks so much if you've read this far, you literally deserve a medal!
Hoping someone can help!

Steph x x

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 27-Dec-15 10:57:10

Are you in the UK?. If so, is this private treatment or NHS based so far?.

Blood tests can also be done according to calendar days; they do not have to be done 21 days after you start each monthly period (besides which I would think your cycle is irregular anyway and I note without surprise that you have not had a bleed since September). You also could have a day 2 test done on the 2nd of each month to see what your LH and FSH levels are like in relation to each other.

I think your initial thoughts to have DH tested as well in tandem with your own tests was an excellent idea. However, one semen analysis is not conclusive in its own rights and such tests should be repeated.

Did they go into detail as to why those 4 options were suggested in the first place?. If not then I would certainly go elsewhere.

I would not go on my own to this next appointment if at all possible, DH needs to also attend if at all possible. He can provide you with moral support and also ask them questions. I do feel that you as a couple have been messed about; this has not been handled very well by these professional people. Write down everything you want to ask them (no matter how daft the question may appear to be) and asap and certainly before you get anywhere near them. It is vital that all of you can communicate openly and work as a team otherwise its no point and you would be better off working with another subfertility unit.

Peckaroo Sun 27-Dec-15 11:19:50

Hello AttilaTheMeerkat!
Thank you for your advice, I should of put UK NHS but I'm so relieved to hear you think we are being mucked about as I have no idea what the right treatment plan should be so just go with the flow which seems to be getting us no where!
In regards to the specialists options there was no real reason given. He acknowledged the tests confirming PCOS but (as did all but one of the doctors) didn't offer treatment but just more testing (I have no idea for what, presumably hormones?!).
I feel so stupid going back to the doctors and feel like what I want to say is 'stop testing me and treat what we know about' but I don't know how well the doctor will take that or if they can refuse. Guess I'll have to suck it up and be brave!

Thank you again!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 27-Dec-15 14:51:39

I would ask your GP to refer you to another subfertility unit; it is fair to say that some of them are far better than others.

If tests are given they should tell you the purpose of these and why they are being done then. Giving your options without actually or properly explaining why these were suggested is frankly bad practice. It makes me think that they really have no idea of what to do with you and they would not fill me with confidence.

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