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UK (Scotland) scan for IVF abroad - advice needed!

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WootyWoo Tue 22-Dec-15 19:22:16

Hi, wondering if anyone has used a clinic in Scotland for a follicle tracking scan prior to egg collection in a clinic abroad?

I need to email a day 8 scan to my clinic in Greece and am just looking for suggestions of where to get it done / an idea of cost etc


WootyWoo Tue 22-Dec-15 20:17:37

Sorry also meant to ask if anyone has had the scratch done and recommends a clinic?

Freezingtoes Tue 22-Dec-15 22:52:31


I have had a scratch done at GCRM and I am sure they will do a scan or the Edinburgh Clinic which I think is their satellite clinic.

Since then, I discovered my local NHS hospital will do scans for free so it might be worth asking.

Which clinic are you going to? I have been to Serum in the past.

Good luck with your treatment, I am happy to answer any questions if I can.
Unfortunately I have a lot of experience 😕

WootyWoo Thu 24-Dec-15 16:17:31

Hi Freezingtoes (love the name),
Thanks for your reply. I've decided not to bother with the scratch for this coming January cycle, just because we are so unlikely to even make it to transfer for a number of reasons <way to think positive> but thanks for that. I think it might even have been them I called a year ago when mulling it over and they quoted £200? I'll keep it in mind for future though.

I didn't realise I may be able to get a scan for free on the NHS if it wasn't related to an IVF cycle they were doing? That's interesting. To be honest I just want to avoid my NHS clinic these days, so many negative things happened there sad I'd actually pay money not to have to go there!

I've ended up booking a scan with ABC4D, they have clinics in Edinburgh, Motherwell, Glasgow and Ayr - all miles from me! But a fertility scan is £99 so can't complain.

Yes it is Serum I'm going to for my second cycle (with them). How did you get on there? I'm so sorry you sound like you have been going through this nightmare for a while. I think I'm approaching a decade now sad Totally soul destroying hey? Fingers crossed it works out for us both somehow xx

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