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Ivf with ovarian cyst, anyone else?

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uhhuh Tue 15-Dec-15 11:45:22

I had an ovarian cyst picked up on ultrasound at the beginning of my fertility investigations, it was 6cm and has reduced down to about 4cm now, however no one who has scanned it seems sure if it is an endometrioma, haemorrhagic or dermoid cyst. The NHS and private clinic I have been to in the UK have seemed unbothered by it and have advised leaving it alone. I am going for a consult at a clinic abroad who I think (from reading others stories) will advise removal before Ivf. I have researched this myself and the studies seem to show no real improvement on pregnancy rates with Ivf after removal, but a longer time to pregnancy. It has been a long road for us with lots of time wasted up to now, and I really dont want to have to delay things further for surgery unless it is really neccessary. Has anyone been in a similar situation or have a success story they could share? I thought we were getting the ball rolling with the clinic abroad and could hopefully cycle in February but if they have a different attitude to the cyst thats me back in limboland again sad

scoobyloobyloo Tue 15-Dec-15 22:37:36

I had one at the start of my last IVF round. They aspirated it when they did the scratch. It was 'functional' cyst which was good, some other cysts can affect your hormone levels and reduce your chances. Am now 11 wks pregnant with twins so don't despair smile

fallenangel14 Tue 15-Dec-15 23:00:18

I had a cyst. They wanted to stop IVF as concerned it was growing
Under the hormone injections. I refused and had dd2. They just monitored it.

uhhuh Thu 17-Dec-15 10:35:39

thanks for the replies, Fallen do you know what sort of cyst you had? I think you are the only successful story with a cyst that I have heard!

fallenangel14 Fri 18-Dec-15 04:52:45

Sorry for the late reply. Not absolutely sure but I had one (might have been the same) which showed up on a scan post pregnancy as well (some years later). Struggling to recall the name of this latter one - it was the one that grew in tandem with your cycle and they said it was hormonal 'functional'?) That one was monitored over a period of 6 months and they then said it was fine and had disappeared. I suspect the one in IVF was the same. They just monitored it when I told them that on previous IVF attempts, there had been cysts (which was true, though it was a different country so they didn't have my medical notes from previous scans).

fallenangel14 Fri 18-Dec-15 04:55:25

Oh, and first pregnancy with dd1 was in Uk. Other one with dd2 was in another non-European country.

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