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when should i push for tests?

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lugo40 Wed 09-Dec-15 12:37:09

hi, i am a frequent poster so some of you may know my story - 2 years TTC and male factor infertility - sever OATS! We have bee referred to Ramsay for male infertility with a view to then being referred for fertility. I am overweight, have lost 3 stone so far and got a few more to go before treatment.

Basically, i have had no tests other than the progesterone test which showed i am ovulating. I have not pushed to get the others done as i have weight to lose before treatment anyway. Do you think i am doing the right thing and wait until i have lost all the weight before pushing for the other tests? or would you push to have them now?

Peanutty35 Wed 09-Dec-15 13:15:21

The tests are not too invasive - like a hycosy - you could ask for them and then at least know that everything is ok down there

BadgerFace Wed 09-Dec-15 13:17:53

We had male factor infertility and my clinic did not do any tests on me apart from the initial ones as they said with my DH's low volume count we would need IVF and probably ICSI so my results sort of didn't matter as that was the treatment which we needed.

Well done on your amazing weight loss so far! If you are to be tested then I would think it would make more sense after you've reached (or neared) your target weight as presumably the results could be affected if your BMI is currently too high for treatment? So I think you are doing the right thing in waiting.

Lifestyle changes can have a big impact on results - in our case DH's low volume went from 7 ppm on initial tests (when the average is 20 ppm) to 34 ppm three months later on the morning of our IVF, so technically by that point we no longer has male factor infertility! The result of that cycle is now coming up to 3 years old. smile

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