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What to expect at our first appointment with the fertility clinic (NHS)? Help!

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HopelesslyHopeful1 Wed 09-Dec-15 09:18:36

So we've been refered to the fertility department to try to find out why I'm still not pregnant. We have our first appointment on Thursday with the nurse in the fertility department and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect? Blood tests? Just a chat? Both? Will they need hubby to produce a "sample"? Any insights gratefully appreciated it!

We have been waiting for this appointment for a while but now it's here I am cacking myself! confused Fear of the unknown I guess. I also feel that this is either the beginning of a new journey which could possibly see us become parents at last or the end, where they could just say nope, not happening ever. Xx

Peanutty35 Wed 09-Dec-15 13:19:16

Hi There,
Im half way through this and have had most of the tests... the first appointment is a chat, really friendly usually. They might take some bloods- they did with me but that was to rule out an ectopic. They talk about how long you've been trying , if you periods are regular etc
They might talk about a 21 day test - you might have had this already, if it shows you are ovulating and your partners sperm is ok then the next step might be a hycosy - this is an internal ultrasound using fluid and it checks whether your tubes are open. I've had it and it isn't bad at all- if that shows your tubes are closed then there are other steps to take... for me it was a chat with a gynaecologist who was lovely, I cried all the way through and she was really supportive.
I hope it goes ok xxx

HP07 Wed 09-Dec-15 14:27:19

We just had our first appointment this week. I had previously had investigation for a endometrioma on my ovary so I already had some of the work up done. Has your gp already run some tests? We were told we needed to do all of the necessary work up before the appointment could be scheduled but perhaps it is different in other areas. Husband had already had semen analysis and I had progesterone blood tests, Fsh, testosterone etc etc run prior to attending. As I had a laparoscopy at the time of surgery to remove the cyst they had done a dye test to check my tubes are open already. Basically at the appointment they weighed and measured us both, then we had to fill in some forms, went through hx and made a plan from there. Basically at this appointment she (Dr) ordered another blood test which can be done at my Gp and arranged a follow up for Jan when we will tell her if we want to go ahead with IVF. I think it is pretty much tailor made to your situation so you may have a very different experience but what I would recommend is to take your last 6 month hx of menstrual cycles with you written down. I didn't do this, I only knew last months period and that wasn't sufficient for the Dr. Good luck. If will be ok.

HopelesslyHopeful1 Wed 09-Dec-15 17:45:11

Thanks both. I haven't had any other tests done yet at the GP because the referral has come from my hospital consultant and not through my GP. I have some other (non gynae) health complications which are all managed under the hospital so I guess it will be slightly different.

I have an app on my phone blush that logs all my cycles so that's all covered, thanks for the tip!

It is stupid, I have been waiting for this appointment for a while but am very over emotional about it and teary every time it is mentioned so I will probably just cry all the way through no matter what cringe

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