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Just an evaporation line?

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closephine85 Tue 01-Dec-15 16:15:44

Hi all

So I'm driving myself a bit nutty. I'm definitely not pregnant as AF arrived properly yesterday. However, I was just emptying the bathroom bin and there was a test on top that I took on Saturday morning. I was already spotting at the time, so wasn't expecting a positive, probably didn't give it the full 2 mins before reading it as negative and throwing it in the bin. However looking at it now there is a faint line there. I'm sure this is probably just an evaporation line, however I have used these tests many many times before and never seen an evaporation line on them. I took an earlier test out the bin to compare and there is nothing at all there. What do you think? Impossible to know now as I have AF?!

I've just been wondering lately whether our problem is not just my DHs low count and perhaps I can't sustain a pregnancy. Hence why I have been using these tests early, I've wanted to see if there was any sign of a positive before AF arriving. Am I nuts?!

I guess the only thing I can do is do the same next month and test when I'm already spotting to see if I get a line again... Any words of wisdom appreciated smile

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