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Endometrial scratching

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patch77 Sat 28-Nov-15 17:46:58

Hi ladies
I dusted myself off after the loss of our little embi. The clinic have suggested endometrial scratching the next time we start the process. Unfortunately we have to start from the beginning as there wasn't anything that made the grade for freezing.
My questions are did anyone else have it, did it hurt, did it help?

Thank you

sammylou1 Sat 28-Nov-15 18:27:21

Patch sorry to hear about your loss.
I have no advice I'm afraid but I think my recent ET has failed (bfn this morning at 9dp5dt) so I'm interested in the responses you get. Xx

Kannet Sat 28-Nov-15 18:28:37

I had seven failed transfers. I had the scratching done last November. My baby is now 13 weeks old. I highly recommend it

lucieloos Sat 28-Nov-15 23:32:58

I had it patch on my first and only transfer. It did hurt me quite a bit I won't lie but I think that's mainly as I tried pulling away when she was taking the clamp off my cervix eeek! The scratch itself she counted to 20 seconds as she rubbed this long cotton bud type thing around my womb. It felt like bad period cramps. It wasn't pleasant but it was bearable. I think so many people have different experiences of it. Some people feel barely anything at all. It didn't work for me on my first go but I will have it done again before my next transfer although I will be having it the same time as a hysteroscopy so will be knocked out! I would say go for it. It's another thing to try and you have nothing to lose apart from 5 mins of discomfort.

Danaust Sun 29-Nov-15 01:00:42

I didn't have it first 2 cycles and got bfps. Last cycle I had it and it was a bfn....

It felt like light period cramping for less than 30 seconds so, for me, it didn't hurt as such. More discomfort than anything and I would say I don't have a high pain threshold.

Although it's more for implantation issues I would have it again, the cost is negligible compared to the 6k we spent on that cycle. we didn't want to exclude anything which could help...

CatnipMouse Sun 29-Nov-15 08:20:29

I had it twice. First time it hurt more than I expected but only for seconds. The next time I took paracetamol plus ibuprofen about an hour before and it didn't hurt much. I got pregnant for a while after the first one but not the second time. Also, both times they gave me a one off dose of antibiotic which really upset my guts, that was the worst bit! I didn't figure out it was the pills until the second time when I read the information in the packet.... I think it is a unusual reaction though so don't be put off. I'd have a scratch again definitely but I'd probably ask for a different antibiotic next time.

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