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Have I od'd on progesterone?

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GrinAndTonic Wed 25-Nov-15 07:48:21

I had an embryo transfer on Monday and the clinic advised me to use two progesterone suppositories daily. I have been using oripro progesterone which are 200mg each. However I also have crinone 90mg ones. Both were from previous failed cycles so I didn't get more for this round.
I'm now worried that I have used too much. The clinc is closed and I don't really want to call the emergency out of hours number.
So any advice as to how to go on?

On a more random note, did you know that eating progesterone pessaries can cause euphoria?

SesameSparkle Thu 26-Nov-15 00:03:22

grin hopefully you have spoken to your clinic now? Just to say I've got open boxes of crinone and cyclogest. Both say they are different amounts of drug in mg. But I think the actual progesterone you absorb will depend on the formulation of each individual product. So comparing 2 products based on weight alone probably isn't all that helpful. I think you would need to know the IU for the amount of effective drug, or ask your clinic about the equivalent doses.

Thanks for the tip about the pessaries. If I get another early bfn, at least I'll have an alternative use for the leftover meds.... wink

GrinAndTonic Thu 26-Nov-15 00:39:41

Thanks Sesame I did get hold of them eventually. They said too much was better than too little.

I haven't tried chewing them yet. I left some out overnight and they had melted in their packets. Very gross.

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