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ICSI very worried

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Bubble2608 Mon 23-Nov-15 18:21:48

Hello I am 41 and having a privately funded round of ICSI. I have been fine with the injections, a bit of bruising from needles but otherwise ok. Was on a dose of 220 for hormone injections and then only 75 for last 2 days. Had a bit of
Uncomfortable tummy and really sore boobs! Had scan today and they gave me
Medication to dampen down hormones as lots of follicles. I have been worried about OHSS from the beginning as I have health anxiety anyway and now I am in panicked mode especially as they said one of he symptoms could be shortness of breath and it can be fatal sad Egg collection is booked for Wednesday and I am
Worrying now so much so and questioning am I doing the right thing sad can anyone out my mind at rest or is it just a risk u have to try not to worry about? I have heard it can happen after getting a possible positive result! Thanks in advance and sorry for waffle!

FormerlyKnownasFK Mon 23-Nov-15 18:31:13

I really feel for you, its such a stressful time when you get to this point flowers But your clinic should be monitoring you for OHSS and won't do embryo transfer if they think you are at risk. They should be more than happy to discuss your concerns - do you have a number you can ring for some reassurance?

I had to wait and we froze all our embryos until symptoms had subsided (didn't go on to develop full OHSS just some warning signs). The upside is you usually have lots of eggs if you have lots of follicles, and that's a really positive thing to focus on smile

FormerlyKnownasFK Mon 23-Nov-15 18:33:47

Oops sorry they clearly are monitoring you if they've already given you something. That's reassuring.

Bubble2608 Mon 23-Nov-15 21:51:29

Hello thank you for your message x I do panic such a lot anyway! I have just taken the last injection to release the eggs and now just trying not to panic x

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