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IVF when does your period arrive ?

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Hyland Thu 12-Nov-15 08:34:25

I'm suupose to test on 16th day of the transfer.

i have bleeding a little on tissue only eith no cramos since day 12 of transfer.

No clots or pains just when i wipe. I also have thrush from the antibiotics so wondered if the bleeding could be from this.

The clinic told me to test when i called them on the 13th day of transfer and it was negative. I have tested again this morning the 15th day of transfer and still negative, but th anount of blood is still only when i wipe.

Is it true that tour period will only start when you stop taking the progesterone.

I'm confused why the test is negative and my period still doesn't seem to be in full swing.

Shellster52 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:14:40

Hello Hyland

I was just scrolling through the threads and saw yours unanswered.

I do know that when I took progesterone in the form of Endometrin, my cycle which is normally only 24 days long, was 29 days long. So from my experience, it certainly seems that some forms of progesterone can certainly delay your period.

Although I assume that you have an answer either way now. If it was a failure, I know how gut wrenching they can be. I went through 11 IVF attempts before I finally got my BFP.

Here to chat if you need xox

Hyland Tue 17-Nov-15 08:10:58

11 wow I wouldn't be able to afford that. I honestly don't think i would be able to convince my partner either, it was hard enough to convince him to do another round.

Cycle did fail, and i have now stopped taking the progesterone, but im still spotting at the minute, this has been going on for over a week.

Shellster52 Tue 17-Nov-15 21:10:35

I'm so sorry Hyland. I know how gut wrenching it is.

Yes, 11 was a lot of cycles. But I am sure that is more than the average number of cycles it takes for women to have success so hoping you don't need that many. My issue was that I produced only 3-4 eggs each time. And combine that with my husbands abnormal sperm meant that they had less chance of selecting a normal sperm when they only had 3-4 chances to get a good one as opposed to if I produced 10 eggs and they could select 10 sperm to inject.

In the end, I did the high protein low carb diet after a friend only produced 4 embryos but got two children from doing that diet. You can read the study online and it SIGNIFICIANTLY increases the success rate. I followed this diet and my successful IVF produced only 4 eggs, of which only 2 fertilised, but I got my baby from one of those 2. So I personally swear by the diet, and the study shows that if you increase your protein to above 25%, the success rate jumps to 66.6%. And if you further reduce your carbs to below 40%, the success rate jumps to 80%. It gave me some hope for the future after my cycles had failed, so hoping it does the same for you.


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