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Off to see private consultant in an hour... what do I ask

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pinkdaffodil23 Tue 10-Nov-15 16:45:36

Hi everyone
We decided this morning that I couldn't take any more sleepless nights and we managed to get an appointment for this evening with a consultant. It's the same person we would of saw on the nhs.
I'm not really to sure what to ask him I just really want him to prescribe me clomid so we can finally wake my ovaries back up.
What's the likely hood we will get this on out first appointment? Or am I being far to hopeful?
I've had my bloods done and my partner has had his semen analysis and all is ok.

Not long until I go so I'd really appreciate some advice thanks

CatnipMouse Tue 10-Nov-15 16:58:59

If you're paying for it then I'd want to know approximately how much all this might cost you

I'd ask the consultant to explain the blood test results and check the semen analysis was all normal. Are you sure you're not ovulating, is that definitely what the blood tests / scans show? They might possibly want to do a check of your tubes to be sure they are clear before giving you Clomid, have you had that?

Also if you do want Clomid then you need a discussion about the risks / benefits of the drug (increased risk of twins/triplets I believe though not personally had Clomid). Do they monitor you at all on Clomid to check lining and follicles? I have no idea. If you're paying then that monitoring might add up a bit.

Good luck and take a notebook to write down what they say!

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