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Are you treated differently

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GrinAndTonic Sun 08-Nov-15 20:30:21

because you don't have children?

I came the the conclusion the other day that my DM treats me as a child because I don't have children.
I am 36.
DB is 24 and has 2DC
DS is 32 and has 3DC
Since they had children they are treated more as adults. Their opinions are taken into account more (especially DB as he is a 'man'), they get adult gifts at birthdays etc (long back story but DM has form for giving me items you would give teenagers or tweens), DM's attitude towards them is different, they are not criticised for their decisions but I am etc.
I am married, am well educated, have lived overseas, own my house and have debts and respnsibilities like any other adult But yet I'm still treated like a child. I think in my DM's head (I could post more about her but I'd be here all day) adults have children and since I don't I'm not an adult.
Or am I overthinking this?

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