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Samandjas2015 Sat 31-Oct-15 10:36:41

My partner and I are now considering IVF. After talking to UK consultants, we think we are going to opt to go abroad, one for cost and the other for the increased success. We have researched clinics and IVI seems to look professional. I’ve read quite a few reviews, although they are quite old. Does anyone have any recent experience and any recommendations on a particular clinic

would most appreciated.

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miamiaMo Wed 04-Nov-15 15:10:06

Hi Samandjas2015. Hope everything will be OK. My friends have undergone ivf treatment in Polish clinics Invicta (invictaclinics.com), girls are pregnant now. One decided to undergo pgd due to her age. Clinics are based in Gdansk and Warsaw, my friends flew to Warsaw cause of low cost planes. Clinics have very high success rate, known among international patients and experienced with international patients, placed top in every national ratings, english speaking staff and docs, leading position in pgd/ngs. Comparing to UK prices are much CHEAPER with top service, all prices are on the web, you can compare and calculate. It is very easy to communicate with clinics, so if you have any doubts go and ask them. Warsaw and Gdansk are very nice cities, friendly, cheap with good communication and attractions. If you end up with Poland, you will spend great time. If anything else-ask.

PammyLee Mon 11-Feb-19 16:05:17


I know you posted this message in 2015. But I wondered if you ever went to Poland? Me and my husband are thinking of going to Gdansk for IVF in a couple of months.

If you went, was it successful? and how was it?

Pamela grin) x

hellywelly43 Wed 10-Jul-19 14:28:30

hi PammyLee I was wondering if you went to poland 4 your ivf I'm thinking if going in a couple of months

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