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Second blighted ovum and 3 Chemical Pregancies, what to do next?

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sazj26 Tue 20-Oct-15 21:29:16

Hi all, this is my first post on here. After reading all of you stories over the last 18 months of everything we've been through, they have given me comfort and advice. So I thought I would share my story to see what you think.
We conceived our first DD in 2011 after two months of trying. Straight forward pregnancy and birth etc
We then decided to try for number two last year 2014 and fell the first month. This ended at week 10 after a scan showed no growth after week 6. Had a D&C and started trying again. Got a BFP in February this year 2015 but only lasted a few days (chemical pregnancy). Then BFP again in June, ended again after a few days, and the same in July. Now in October I've made it to 7 weeks and have a blighted ovum again. Waiting for it all to come away naturally (sad). I was told to take 75mg of aspirin after getting the last BFP which I did.
My specialist doesn't really know what to suggest other than a referral to a St Marys in London. I've had basic blood tests and my scans and all is fine that sense.
Has anyone had any success after a story like ours?! I really don't fancy having invasive tests etc as it seems we can get pregnant its just getting them stick (confused)
Thank you in advance of any advice/stories you have xXx

sazj26 Wed 21-Oct-15 21:21:15

Anyone have any experience or advice? sad

Peanutty35 Thu 05-Nov-15 13:25:42

Hi - I just noticed no-one had replied. Im sorry you've had a rough time - I was at a fertility clinic presentation on Sunday where they were talking about complications like this and genetic marker screening/ additional blood work testing. The clinic was called CARE fertility - its private but it might be worth a look t the additional tests they offer. Your story is similar to a friends who used them - she needed to go onto a special drip to help her hold the baby , it was a rare complication but CARE found it quickly and they now have a toddler xx

thegoldenlemon Fri 06-Nov-15 06:41:58

Hi I would agree that reading up on immunology might be helpful here. I had immune treatment at Care and the drip is intralipids. I did get pregnant and do think immune treatment played some role. I'm sorry you are having such a tough time of it, that's a lot to go through. There are various levels of treatment including steroids, fertility friends has lots of useful info.

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