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Norethisterone experience

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nervoussam Sun 18-Oct-15 10:40:28

Hi everyone, has anyone been put on norethisterone before clomid to give them a bleed? I had a first course which didn't work, second course was longer and stronger and finished on Wednesday so on 4th day and still no AF.
How long did others take for AF to arrive after stopping taking norethisterone? I'm worried this hasn't worked either ?? have a course of clomid just sitting there ready to take but I can't because of lack of bleed. It's so upsetting.

MagpieCursedTea Sun 18-Oct-15 13:37:08

No experience of that particular drug but I'm also waiting for my period so I can start clomid. Sorry that's not much help but just wanted to sympathise with you about having the clomid right there but still having to wait!
What has your GP said?

nervoussam Sun 18-Oct-15 14:30:00

Hiya, on the first lot I made it 6 days after finishing the course of tablets and because the bleed hadn't materialised by then they prescribed me more. It's day 4 today and online most people seem to take 3 days, but a few examples on old forums took longer. Rather than just wait I think I'll call my gp tomorrow to see what she thinks.
I'm so frustrated as after 18 of no period after coming off the pill, I finally thought this would make things happen and still nothing. I'm also emotional as have just been to visit my younger sister who had just had a baby, I feel a million miles away from being in that position myself.

nervoussam Sun 18-Oct-15 14:30:37

*18 months

MagpieCursedTea Sun 18-Oct-15 15:01:56

I think the waiting is sometimes the hardest part of TTC, feeling like there's nothing else to do.
Hope things get moving for you soon!

nervoussam Sun 18-Oct-15 15:31:53

It so is. Waiting for period to come back, waiting when dr says to give it 3 more months, waiting for appts, waiting for results. Your patience certainly gets tested!!!

eskimoflo Sun 18-Oct-15 22:59:34

Hi nervoussam. Have we spoken before? I have taken Norethisterone around 4-5 different times in the last year in order to bring on bleeds.

I came off the pill last November and wasn't ovulating or having periods. After taking a course of Norethisterone, it takes me 5 days to have a bleed.

I was prescribed clomid back in June and was started on 50mg, which didn't make me ovulate. I then took 100mg in July and again, didn't ovulate. My dose was increased to 150mg in September and it actually worked! I started my first 'real' AF yesterday, without the need for Norethisterone, and will start another round of clomid tonight.

Hope that something happens for you very soon. The waiting is unbearable at times, and is something I can really relate to. If you fancy joining a bus full of lovely, very supportive women with varying back stories and a shared goal, come and visit it us on the TTC forum and post on the 'Bumsnetters' thread. I am on there and it would be lovely to have you (and anyone else reading this and feeling lonely and despondent). Hope to see you soon flowers flowers

nervoussam Mon 19-Oct-15 10:38:59

Hi eskimoflo, yes we have met on another thread - hello! My first course of norethisterone caused no bleed after 7 days so dr prescribed me a stronger and longer course, that ended on Wednesday so I'm on day 5 after that now. So your experience gives me hope that maybe today will be the day! I've done lots of research on various threads to see what other people's experience is, it seems that for most people a bleed comes on day 3, but I did find one thread where some ladies had waited up to 2 weeks! I couldn't find examples of it not working at all though, so that is either good (because it should happened eventually) or bad (as it means its something more sinister or serious meaning it won't work).

I called my GP and left her message with an update, expect I won't hear from her till tomorrow though as she is with medical students today. Fingers crossed for between now and when I hear from her!

Brilliant to hear that your clomid is finally working with the correct dose, I have mine in the cupboard ready to go, its been there a while now, just want to get going with it!

Thank you for the invite to your other thread I will search it out and join in.

Had a mega wobble of a day yesterday, trying my best not to take out my stress on my OH, its just when he asks if anything has happened yet, I feel like I'm not delivering and its all my fault. Doesn't help that we're about to move house so am stressed from mortgages/estate agents/solicitors etc, I really just need to calm down!

PrincessDandelion Thu 22-Oct-15 15:54:01

Hi nervoussam

Thought I'd chip in and see how you were getting on? I think we are in similar positions - I finished BC about 18 months ago and still have not had a "natural" period. I was put on norethisterone a few of times over the last year or so by my GP to try and get things going. The first time (after a 5 day prescription), nothing happened. The next time (after a 10 day prescription) I think I had two or three days of v v light spotting. Certainly not a period.

So now I've just finished a 5 day course of Provera to induce a withdrawal bleed before I start 50mg Clomid for the first time. I took my last pill 2 days ago and have suuuuper light spotting today. So I'm a bit confused as to whether to even count it as day 1 or not tbh!

Did you start your Clomid yet?

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