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how to cope?

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lugo40 Wed 14-Oct-15 06:27:42

This morning I woke and checked my emails and My husbands younger cousin has sent us a lovely email announcing his wife's pregnancy and inviting us for dinner. It's 6:15 and I've had a cry already. I normally feel positive but times like this bring it all home. It feels like we're just waiting all the time. I have weight to lose which o assumed would hold us up while I lose it but so far there enough waiting that I've lost 3 stone already without having to orchestrate a wait ourselves and we're nowhere nearer treatment!!

I was working as a health visitor and left as it was too hard emotionally but to earn money I'm doing 1-2 days agency work a week in my old team. So today, of course, I have a baby clinic to do!! ! I just don't know how I'm meant to be able to cope with all this. Any ideas?

HoHeyChick Wed 14-Oct-15 10:28:04

Oh Lugo. I totally understand where you are coming from. I too have lost weight (1 stone and still another 2 to go). I am also back and forth to the Doctors for bloods, I am taking metformin due to pcos.

Everytime I get an announcement - which is generally about 3 or 4 a month on fbook and family/friends. Its a massive slap in the face.

What else can we do. We have to keep trudging on.

Practical tips - same as any heartbreak - keep busy, plan ahead & try to stay as positive as possible. I wish I could take my own advice sometimes.

Hyland Wed 14-Oct-15 21:09:59

I try to remember that perhaps they secretly have been trying for ages and had struggles themselves. As i know i personally have only told my sister.

Yet i do agree sometimes no matter how hard I try all the positivity cant block out the numerous pregnancies around me for everyone else and I'm just left thinking of course they are lol

Hope the meal goes all ok and just remember to let those pregnancy vibes rub off on you smile

Good Luck

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