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heatherlondon Thu 08-Oct-15 15:48:58

Hey everyone - I am having a polyp removed this month and I am sooo nervous it. Just wondering if anyone has been through the procedure?

I am starting IUI stimulated treatment in Dec (with a sperm donor).


lugo40 Thu 08-Oct-15 15:54:17

I have! I had a uterine polyp removed under ga in June. Was in an out within 4 hours but I'm a nurse so terrible patient and practically discharged myself. It was fine. I had some period pain when I woke up and did feel a little sore but that only lasted a day or 2. I bled for a day and then my first period was very heavy with huge clots. Since then been absolutely normal. Periods are loads better, not heavy and start and finish with bright red blood Rather than old brown blood. And no mid cycle bleeding anymore! Mine was the size of my uterus so no way implantation could happen. Good luck!

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