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First appointment after pro-forma...letter arrived today, appointment in two days. Should I be worried?

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cluecu Tue 29-Sep-15 20:14:59

Hi smile

I mostly lurk but have been ttc for 18 months and 6 weeks ago both dh and me had our blood, semen test etc.

Letter arrived today with consultant appointment for 2 days time. Is this weird? I was pleased at first but now I'm scared that it's too quick?

It's st Mary's hospital in Manchester if that helps?

Thank you smile

cluecu Wed 30-Sep-15 07:13:42

Bump smile

AndDeepBreath Wed 30-Sep-15 07:38:09

Nah. Probably just slow admin! Good luck with the appointment smile

AndDeepBreath Wed 30-Sep-15 07:38:24

Good luck btw!

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