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Success with donor eggs after multiple failure with own eggs?

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Derbyshirelady Sun 27-Sep-15 20:32:39

Has anyone got any success stories? We have had 6 rounds of IVF:

#1 - bfn
#2 - MMC
FET - bfn
#3 - no embryos to transfer (embryos screened for translocation following tests that show I carry this)
#4 - bfn (embryos screened)
#5 - bfn (embryos screened)

Immune issues also diagnosed and treated after the MMC, although my last round of treatment was at Guys, who do not treat for immune issues. We went with them as we felt we were on a conveyor belt with our previous clinic.
Strictly speaking I've only had 2 embryos implanted that were free of my translocation.

We are trying to decide if it's the end of the road. It is heartbreaking. I am 39. My follow up appt after my last cycle the consultant said there was no reason not to keep trying, I still produce a good number of eggs for my age.

I wonder if donor eggs might be the answer...
Any success stories, advice or thoughts appreciated.

flowers to all going through this.

BettyBi0 Sun 27-Sep-15 22:39:27

I know two friends who had long journeys through multiple IVFs and then moved on to donor eggs and it worked first time for both of them.

One had had over 10 IUIs then 3 failed IVF. The other had many more IVFs. I can't remember how many but it was more than £30k worth over the years in heartbreaking failed cycles.

Both their families are now complete in a way that could never have happened without donor eggs. They are amazing miracle babies and loved just so so so much after everything.

Personally we had to use donor sperm but my partner couldn't love our daughter any more if there could have been a direct genetic link between them. Your family and bonds are what you make them xx

purplemeggie Wed 30-Sep-15 22:30:55

We are using donor eggs, having had 2 fresh and one FET with my own eggs, all of which failed. I was 41 and we decided that the most pragmatic approach was to switch to donor eggs and go abroad, as our clinic had a long waiting list for DE.

For us, the IVF journey has been about eliminating the "what ifs". We decided to do one "round" of DE IVF - i.e. fresh plus any frosties and if we were unsuccessful, to leave it at that. We got 4 really good blastocysts, transferred two fresh and then two in a FET. It didn't work and we didn't feel ready to give up. I kept thinking "what if it was the donor?". We decided to have another whirl with a new donor and have just had another fresh transfer, which has failed. We have four frosties in the bank from the second donor, which we will transfer in pairs and if none of these works out, we will draw a line under this whole painful process.

You have more information than most about your eggs/embryos because of the screening, but for me, DE reduces so many of the risk factors and it seemed the most sensible way forward. I told myself that it was just one cell that we were being given and that it was my body that would turn it into a baby, if it were to work. I'm comfortable with that.

I AM glad that we have tried everything. It is secondary infertility for us, and I need to be able to look DS in the eye and tell him that we did everything we possibly could to give him the sibling he has been asking for since he was two.

Hope things work out for you. I don't mean to be too down (but the latest failure is still quite raw - we only found out on Sunday) - but DE doesn't always work. Good luck.

Derbyshirelady Thu 01-Oct-15 21:16:46

Thanks so much for your responses Purple and Betty. I appreciate you posting, especially with different outcomes for those involved.

More soul searching I think. It's nearly a year since our last cycle - the danger there is I think I've blocked out how upsetting it all is and there's a part of me that is saying "one more go".

flowers and wine for you purple. Take care of yourself.

Blackkat13 Thu 01-Oct-15 21:57:50

I was an egg donor twice, and helped make 2 families. One was a set of twins.
I felt very honoured to be able to help, even more when I found out that the women had waited nearly 2 years for me as they were on the CMV - list.
Good luck and I have to say I admire you all that have made the decision to use DE, it mustn't have been easy.

Maurice169 Fri 09-Oct-15 09:55:37

I'm 46 and half way through my pregnancy using donor egg. We have 1 grade A embryo left 'in the freezer ' which we hope to go back for. Amazingly it worked first time for us. I had my own eggs tested but the chance of me conceiving with them was only 10 percent compared with 70 percent with donor eggs. No brainer really.
Good luck

alockie Mon 09-Nov-15 15:20:53

Hi, a page could probably give y answers on questions. I agree with BettyBi0 that family bonds are what that make a family. If de helps to fulfil yr dream, I think it is worth going.

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