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grandiflora1 Sat 26-Sep-15 13:11:59

] Hi I'm 40 years of age with history of infertility and failed treatments. Have been taking dhea for some months 50mg but this month no sign of ovulation and now day 18. Should I discontinue or reduce dose ? Anyone else experience this ?

whatlifestylechoice Sat 26-Sep-15 13:20:42

No, sorry. I took DHEA for about six months but never noticed it having an affect on my ovulation. Why do you think it's that rather than something else affecting it?

grandiflora1 Sat 26-Sep-15 13:50:29

Not sure, but heard it can interfere with ovulation . Last thing I need is another added complication to my fertility or lack of.. Particularly because of something that I'm taking. Unless my cycles are becoming longer than the normal 25 days as I get older which would mean a later ovulation. I'm afraid of inadvertently causing a negative affect despite hearing great things about dhea and DOR

allchatnicknamesgone Mon 28-Sep-15 12:08:26

I have read it affects ovulation therefore recommended for lead up to ivf. I read that in the 'It starts with the egg book'. Annoying though because even if you are building up to another ivf cycle you want to be on track so that you know when to start. sorry.

bananafish81 Wed 30-Sep-15 14:51:04

Have you had your DHEA or testosterone levels checked? I’ve been taking it for egg quality in the run up to my IVF cycle, as I have premature ovarian ageing and very diminished reserves at the age of 33, plus my testosterone was almost undetectable, so I was a good candidate for taking it.

As high levels of androgens can interfere with ovulation (too little and there are fewer follicles, too much and you get polycystic ovaries & ovulation problems), DHEA could be doing more harm than good if your levels were already in the normal or high-normal range. Def worth getting your levels checked.

I’ve not experienced ovulation side effects, but my levels were very low to start with. I am however experiencing the greasy hair, loads of spots, oily skin that comes with androgen supplementation, and I noticed this morning that the fair, downy hair on my forearms is neither quite so fair or quite so downy as it once was!


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