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Private prescription?

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ZippyBopit Thu 24-Sep-15 17:15:52

Hi, wondering if anyone can help?

I'm about to get IVF treatment abroad and the clinic have emailed me a private prescription for Clomid. This is the first time I will be having IVF outside of the UK so I'm a bit clueless. Do I print out this private prescription and take it to an Asda pharmacy? It doesn't look very 'official'. Also I'm not sure how expensive it will be?
Hoping somebody can shed some light!

Sunnyshores Thu 24-Sep-15 18:53:22

Im not sure about how you take it to the chemist - but prices between chemists vary considerably as does stock availability. You can ring around and check prices.

I used a chemist in Peterborough that did very cheap drugs by post. Fertility Friends website is also listing others these days.

purplemeggie Fri 25-Sep-15 16:20:08

How soon do you need to start the clomid? The reason I'm asking is that by law, pharmacies need an original prescription. Private prescriptions are no problem, but it does need to be an original - so have you got time to get the clinic to post it to you? (Or direct to the pharmacy?)

I used Pharmacy2u online for a recent prescription from an overseas clinic. You buy the drugs online and the clinic (or you) post them the prescription and they dispense the drugs once they've received the original.

If you're in a hurry for the drugs, do you know any doctors in the UK who would write you a private prescription if you showed them your emailed one? For some reason, your own GP is not allowed to write a private prescription for their own patients, but they can write them for other people's. No, I don't get that either.

ZippyBopit Sun 04-Oct-15 09:33:24

Hi, sorry for taking an age to reply. Thank you both for your posts, they were really helpful. I didn't just want to walk into a pharmacist with a dodgy looking print-out of a prescription. I had a feeling that wouldn't end well grin

My husband spoke to the pharmacist who in fact suggested asking my doctor to write a private prescription off the back of the copy. I left him a note but he wouldn't. He's a great doctor so I think if he had been able to, he would have, so you must be right Purplemeggie, but yes that is a strange rule.

In the end I contacted the clinic and they are sending out a hard copy of the prescription which the pharmacist has said she will accept (depends which country apparently but I think anything in the EU is fine).

Thanks again smile

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