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low estrogen levels...infertility

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Tonsley38 Fri 18-Sep-15 13:49:31

Hi Everyone,
I recently had an unsuccessful ivf treatment (first one was successful, this was the 2nd) which is hard to get my head around however I am now looking at alt methods to help this baby making situation out and may go down the Chinese herb/acupuncture route. Has anyone had any success with this? A chap called Andrew Loosely is the one I have been referred to by friends.
On another note, an initial test showed I have low estrogen levels that would inhibit implantation. On one hand I am really happy to think there is something to fix but on the other, where do I start to fix it? Is this something an assisted conception unit can help with?
Very overwhelming as I feel like I am in a race against time having just turned 40 and not sure I have the patience to drink herbs for six month hoping for a change!
Any advice welcome

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