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Egg retrieval tomorrow any tips?

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Lynn5 Wed 16-Sep-15 10:26:25

Hi going in for egg retrieval tomorrow for icsi. First time getting this far!!! Been a long road to get here. I'm excited for it and think I pretty much know what to expect, just wondering anyone that's been through it before has any advice? Thanks.

JessieMcJessie Wed 16-Sep-15 11:30:56

I had my first EC a couple of weeks ago. Actual process is fine, you won't remember a thing. I slept the whole afternoon at home but felt fine, no pain at all, however woke up the next morning at 5 am with a really sore stomach. Paracetamol took the edge off but it was really uncomfortable to walk and bend down. Imagine the morning after doing 500 sit ups having never done one before.

Discomfort was the same for 2 days, tailed off on day 3 and was gone by day 4.
Very best of luck for your cycle!

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 16-Sep-15 12:04:33

Congrats on getting this far!
Nothing really to advise as it's pretty straight forward and I actually loved coming round afterwards. Like waking from a lovely deep sleep.
I was quite uncomfortable for a few days and constantly felt like I needed a wee because I think my swollen insides were pressing on bladder.
Just plan a duvet day and some nice food to reward yourself!
Oh and have a poo before you have to insert the pessary.
Good luck. x

Jackie0 Wed 16-Sep-15 12:10:23

Make sure you aren't constipated.
There's something about the hormones that made me ( and lots of women ) constipated at exactly this time.
It made for a very uncomfortable EC, we were given a general at my clinic just a morphine injection.
I took laxitives before EC for the subsequent rounds of tx.
My poor dh needed surgical intervention to retrieve the sperm so we both had a DVD day after ECs.
I was sore for a day and night but coped by doing nothing , it was manageable.

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 16-Sep-15 12:19:17

I didn't have general btw. Just sedation. I was worried about feeling ill afterwards, but I felt like I was floating on a cloud!
I do remember being constipated the day after EC. May those stool softening tablets.
I wouldn't worry though. everyone is different afterwards. x

Lynn5 Wed 16-Sep-15 16:23:48

Thanks very much everyone, I'm off work at the min anyway so no pressure to be at work next day, planning on a duvet day smile

How long after retrieval did you get transfer done? I'm a bit unsure of that and then when did you test? Feeling really positive about the treatment had some failed iuis and its took over a year to get to this point again.

allchatnicknamesgone Wed 16-Sep-15 20:41:58

I had a 5 day put in. I was glad because I felt I needed that time of no drugs etc and for my uncomfortable tummy to subside.
The ET was fine. Very quick for me. Hardest bit is having a full bladder.
I didn't test until they told me to. I think it was 16 days past ET or maybe less. They will tell you. It's an individual choice but I chose not to because I was just willing it to work & I knew that once I started early testing I would be on a dangerous road if it were negative. I would have been testing every day. In my view there are no benefits in early testing.
Join one of the threads with ladies undergoing ivf now. You'll get loads of support.
Good luck for tomorrow.

Lynn5 Thu 17-Sep-15 12:20:36

10 eggsgrin bit sore but generally ok!!!

Jackie0 Thu 17-Sep-15 13:12:17

Best of luck Lynn

CatnipMouse Thu 17-Sep-15 14:07:24

Well done! Let's hope they all fertilised? Fingers crossed for you!

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 17-Sep-15 16:23:17

Great. One bridge crossed. Good luck for the next bits

Lynn5 Thu 17-Sep-15 17:06:29

Was having a mammoth sleep there smile yip so happy I got some, was so worried there would be none. Fine out tomorrow how many (if any) fertilise then go for there. Have had so much canceled never thought I'd get to this point. Thanks again everyone.

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