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Sickness after egg collection

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KanyeWestPresidentForLife Sat 12-Sep-15 19:22:04

I had my EC last Saturday. I had the prior Thurs/Fri off work because I was feeling sick and tired. Had 19 eggs collected but they decided not to go ahead with ET as my progesterone was a bit high so they've gone into the freezer, 18 were viable and went in.

I felt okay the day after but from Monday the pain worsened. Went back to the clinic and there was no OHSS but there was signs of infection in my bloods and I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday.

The pain has gone but I still feel sick and exhausted and spaced out. Is this normal? I was on quite a high dose of global-f, 200mu and I'm almost 37 so I know 19 eggs was a lot for my age. Is it normal to feel rotten this long after?

CatnipMouse Sun 13-Sep-15 15:54:19

Hi there Kanye

It might just be a reaction to the sedative / anaesthetic they used? Anything like that makes me feel hungover for a while and really quite stupid for days. Some people just don't get on well with that kind of drug, perhaps you're one. It does sound like this has gone on for a while though so perhaps get back in touch with your clinic?

Oh and congratulations on 18 good eggs - that's really good news for you!

ToesAndFingersCrossed Sun 13-Sep-15 16:04:48

kanye if your're worried I'd give your clinic a ring tomorrow morning - that's what they are there for and I think the peace of mind is definitely worth bothering them for. The other day I was freaking out over the smallest of things and called my clinic asking them to calm me down which they were more than happy to do! Especially if there's a risk of OHSS you can't be too careful. But I felt exactly his you describe after EC so it sounds normal to me.

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