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Whippet1 Fri 04-Sep-15 16:03:35

Hi all!
I'm about to start my third cycle of IVF and having had 2 miscarriages ( both 5-6 weeks) with both previous cycles have had some extra meds thrown in hopefully help. I have an under active thyroid due to hashimotos disease - although it is not known if this caused the previous miscarriages and my trouble getting pregnant. I'm also almost 40!
The extra drugs are aspirin, fragmin and Prednisolone ( 10mg)- I'm looking online and can see some awful side effects so wondered if anyone had good/ bad or indifferent experiences of taking the drug?
Many thanks x.

wonkylegs Fri 04-Sep-15 16:17:34

I take prednisolone 10mg while TTC as I have RA and can't take my regular drugs. I took it whilst TTC & pregnant with DS (20-25mg daily) and he was fine, they just monitored me more regularly) My side effects when on it were being perpetually hungry and developing a moon face (this takes prolonged exposure)
I'm on it again now whilst TTC (5-10mg daily) but the hunger isn't so bad on the low dose. You should take vitamin D & calcium when on it for prolonged periods as it can affect bone density.
I didn't know about taking it for fertility reasons although we have been trying for a while (2yrs TTC, miscarraige@15wks, 9mths TTC)

Whippet1 Sat 05-Sep-15 14:46:13

Thanks for the info - in pregnancy it is supposed to help the immunity issue of the embryo being attacked by your system, so prevent miscarriage. Apparently it's very expensive for Drs to check the immunity issue and cheaper to just prescribe as a precaution .

HawkeyeInConfusion Sat 05-Sep-15 21:16:57

I took prednisolone for fertility reasons. I think I stopped towards the end of my first trimester (you must come of gradually - your doctor should give you a schedule). I had no side effects at all.

I was also on aspirin and clexane.

purplemeggie Thu 10-Sep-15 22:57:23

Hi there. I've had a 5mg dose with my last 4 IVF cycles. Can't say I've noticed any side effects at all. Definitely no weight gain for me, at that dose.

Doublebubblebubble Thu 10-Sep-15 23:06:52

I've just seen this on active threads (and so I was a bit nosey and curious to see what this post would be about) and whilst I don't have anything relevant to add with regard to the ttc part of your post flowers my DD 6 has asthma and often gets put onto it to help her lungs. We have never had a problem with any of the side effects or the drug and neither has she. I wish you all the best x

farfallarocks Fri 11-Sep-15 09:21:06

I have ravenously, ridiculously hungry when I was on it for 12 weeks during this pregnancy. I put on a stone in 2 months but am now 30 weeks pregnant and the same weight as I was with my daughter so it all evens out! No other side effects.

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