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pcos and my husband has just finished his chemotherapy

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emilyturner21 Thu 03-Sep-15 05:57:18

hi ladies,

Im at the end of my tether in what to do my gp surgery are appalling, to start of have pcos and my husband has just finished his chemotherapy for testicle cancer after before having his testicle removed and chemo he froze his sperm. we now want to try for a second baby we all ready have a beautiful baby boy that is 15 months old but my problem now is that my husband has to have mayor operation to remove his lymph nodes as the cancer has spread to them which will leave him infertile I havehad 2 misscarriages in the last 7 months whilst going through all this tbh im just hoping there is someone on here that is in the same situation as me or has been and has some insight oncologists and doctors are no help what so ever. sorry for the long post but needed a bit of a rant x

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