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on waiting list for IVF

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misspz Sun 30-Aug-15 18:41:20

me and my boyfriend have just finished the fertility investigation. no issues apparently, but after 2+ years, still no baby. we are now on the waiting list for IVF, hope it wont take too long. anyone else waiting or just starter IVF? very nervous/exited/scared...the list can go on.
how long did you have to wait? and once the treatment started how long did that take?
some things are just hard to share with my partner, as half of it i doubt he'll understand...

Mansefield Mon 31-Aug-15 19:27:42

Hi misspz, I'm currently almost 4 months into a 12 month IVF waiting list. Unexplained infertility and been ttc almost 2 years. It's frustrating to say the least. Not sure if the list can be less than 12 months, I guess it just depends but would be interested to hear anyone's experience with this. Very nervous and excited too! It's strange. Also wonder if it could still happen before we get to the IVF stage. Is all the unknowns that make it so difficult. I understand the difficulty talking it over. No one quite gets it unless they're going through it. Were you given an indication of the waiting list time?

misspz Mon 31-Aug-15 20:04:35

Hi Mansfield, wow 12 month. How are you getting trough it now? Will you have any At the moment I have to get vaccine to work before theyll even book me in for any further apppointments, so that's one extra month already. As soon as that's done my next appointment will be booked. All I got was anything between 1-5 month. I know exactly what you mean, as its unexplained you still keep hoping every month as it still might happen. Getting so frustrating and trying not to think about it is not working the least.
Friends are not the most helpful, one even decided to tell me her happy news on my birthday (she's been ttc for 3 month!) I think I've heard about every kind of medicine/treatment/diet I should try and just getting so fed up!

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