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Male infertility & fertalisan

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lugo40 Wed 26-Aug-15 06:45:39

Hi all
A brief summary; we've been trying since Jan 14, tests have shown I ovulate (progesterone 31 on effectively day 22). Uss showed a polyp the size of my uterus which has now been removed. I'm overweight but am loosing weight well (2stone down so far). My cycle ranges from 33-38 days in length.
DH has had 3 SA. 2 showing very low count and low motility (4% forward progression) but one showed 0. His USS showed a behingn cyst and some calcification - both of which they don't seem to be bothered by. And his hormone blood tests all came back normal - bang in the middle of the ranges for everything. He's been taking fertalisan for 2 months now and due a repeat SA in a few weeks prior to a fu with the urologist.

So, I just wonder what the plan is likely to be? As his hormones are normal is it likely to be obstructive even though uss was normal? Are we looking at surgical extraction and icsi? How likely is it the fertalisan will make the difference? His BMi is now normal having lost 24 pounds doing slimming world with me. He doesn't exercise but walks about 2 miles a day, he doesn't drink alcohol and has stopped drinking caffine.


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