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Period day after HSG

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Jones230 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:37:21

Hi, I have been trying for a year to fall pregnant with my partner but to no avail, I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago, and my periods are roughly every 2 to 3 months on average. I had the 21 day test twice and was told I have low pregosterone, my partners semen analysis come back as normal. Well yesterday I went for an HSG which was horrifically painful and I bled slightly afterwards but that soon stopped and the pain went fairly quickly, the results were no tubes were blocked and everything is normal, which I was happy about after having an ectopic pregnancy about 6 years ago. I'm now 38 years old and very aware that time is ticking, and so I know I now need to be put on progesterone (I think they are going to give me clomid) anyway, I have just been to the loo, and I am now bleeding again, like I am having a period, would anyone know if an hsg can kick start a period that I've not had for nearly 3 months, or could it be bleeding because of something else, i guess if the bleeding is because the hsg yesterday has jarred something in my body and has given me a period, then it can't be a true period god this is so confusing arrrghhh

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