CRGH are useless - any experience?

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Mardyoldbitch Thu 13-Aug-15 09:46:10

Hi all

Just a rant really. I am waiting to start IVF with PIGD at CRGH - it's about 2 years since our first appointment and I am really at the end of my tether with them.

When we first looked into clinics we were really impressed with CRGH and the facilities and the staff seemed great. Results really good too.

Once we had signed up though it all started to go downhill - they just don't return calls, everyone tells you something different, they never put anything in writing and nobody can explain when or how I am going to get Clomid or for how long I can freeze the embryos or where I have to be or when. I signed all the consent forms months ago, but - surprise surprise! - this morning the receptionist tells me the next step is for me to sign the consent forms, then see a doctor. (Last month I was told I could have my first cycle this month). I am literally sitting here crying with frustration at their utter incompetence and poor communication.

Does anyone have any experience of complaining about CRGH? Where do I start? Are all IVF clinics this bad? Has anyone changed clinics and if so how long did it take?

Sorry for the rant but I am SO frustrated. 2 years of delays and CRGH is acting as though I have all the time in the world - I am 40 next month and I really don't! sad

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Mardyoldbitch Thu 13-Aug-15 09:47:00

Sorry, meant to say I am a regular poster (PomBears, penis beaker, naice ham, etc) but have name changed.

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Frank85 Thu 13-Aug-15 12:58:03

Sounds so frustrating!!!!
Im with Harley Street Fertility Clinic
After we both had all our tests which took a few months as I needed some extra meds we could start straight away
Rang them up first day of my period and off we went! abd

Darkchoc Thu 13-Aug-15 15:55:44

I haven't been on here in yonks but didn't want to see and run.

I am very sorry for the lousy (piss poor) experience you are having with your clinic. I have been there sadly, albeit with a different clinic and I lost 2 or 3 months as a consequence. However, I then changed clinics - to reputedly one of the best in the UK. Certainly charged as though they were! My last and final cycle of IVF was cancelled last week when the stupid secretary failed to post my prescription out to me - she had sat on it for 4 days!! So to answer your question, yes, many IVF clinics are pants. What I have discovered through bitter experience is that these places are commercial businesses with profit and loss margins. As patients we are often forgotten or lost. I am now moving to a clinic overseas.

If you can find a better clinic, jump ship. Good luck.

Mardyoldbitch Thu 13-Aug-15 16:57:54

Thanks for your replies and flowers to Darkchoc.

I am waiting for a call back from CRGH after complaining to the receptionist this morning. I have asked them to call my husband because I am feeling so stressed about all the delays and miscommunications that I will probably just cry down the phone. <pathetic>

And YY to the business part. It just feels as though they have too many patients and not enough staff! I think the most annoying thing about CRGH is that before you commit it's all plush carpets and cute pics on the wall. Once you sign up, you go through to the "real" clinic which is invariably full to bursting and always running late. I suppose I just feel hoodwinked really...

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CorBlimeyTrousers Thu 13-Aug-15 17:06:43

I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. I had treatment at CRGH. We had three Natural IVF cycles due to my low ovarian reserve (which were unsuccessful) and I am now pregnant via a donor egg IVF cycle.

In all honesty I do recognise at least some of what you're saying. Particularly the long waits sometimes. And the frustration of waiting on hold when phoning up. But I also felt we were well cared for and the doctor was knowledgeable and had our best interests at heart and the nurses (after the long waits) were caring and helpful. It was enough for me to want to keep our treatment there even after we had moved to using an egg donor.

I didn't ever bother to complain about delays etc. Just tried (not always successfully!) to develop a zen calm.

I know they were/are moving locations as the accommodation at the Eastman Dental Hospital was very cramped and they had clearly outgrown it. I would hope the move would help at least some of the problems.

Mardyoldbitch Thu 13-Aug-15 19:40:47

Thanks Cor - really happy to hear that your donor cycle was a success. I am sure I would feel much better (less mardy wink) if we were anywhere near actually having a cycle, but we are not. Still.

In fairness, they did respond to the complaint quickly today and one of the docs has called DH. (Continuity was probably not helped by the fact that our first 2 "assigned" doctors left.) I have to wait until DH finishes his ward round to find out what they said today, but I am feeling slightly less despondent!

I think if I had another year on my side, I would go elsewhere. The trouble is that changing clinics now will take at least a couple of month's worth of appointments and it's time I probably don't have.

Lesson learned: don't be fooled by a glossy brochure and a naice carpet! smile

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CorBlimeyTrousers Thu 13-Aug-15 20:50:53

I'm sorry you're feeling so frustrated. You mention above you're having PGD - I believe CRGH are specialists in this so, once you do get started, I hope that bodes well for likely success. I am 'older' (40 now) and I can completely empathise with the feeling of time running out. When we first went to CRGH in 2013 they discovered a cyst on my ovary and we had to wait for that to go before we could do anything. Then there was a follicle tracking cycle. And some other practice cycle. Etc etc etc. It did drive me mad. But I felt the same when we were having infertility investigations when trying for our son - constantly being told to go away again and try for another 6 months (he was actually conceived naturally in the end). The whole infertility experience is incredibly frustrating at a very emotionally fragile time.

I googled after this thread and our doctor (Dr Abramov) has moved clinics. If we were ever considering another cycle (unlikely as we already have a son and have only planned two children) then I'd be more likely to stick with him rather than the same clinic. Although CRGH have our frozen embryos (by the way - I think they can be kept for up to 10 years).

CorBlimeyTrousers Thu 13-Aug-15 20:52:06

Oh, and I don't remember ever seeing the nice carpet!

Mardyoldbitch Thu 13-Aug-15 21:00:33

Cor yes we were with Dr A too and he was great! I think maybe that is making me more unsettled because I no longer know who is looking after us. (And I wish it was still Dr Abramov!)

I think what would help is for someone to give me a list of what happens when. It's all a bit "just ring us on day 1 of your cycle and we'll explain everything". We don't live in London any more so it's not as though I can easily just rock up and hope for the best!
Fingers crossed it will get sorted this week and thanks again flowers

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Mardyoldbitch Thu 13-Aug-15 21:02:52

PS I distinctly remember the carpet because I have Miranda Hart clumsiness levels so I got DH to carry my coffee! grin

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Tootsiepops Sat 15-Aug-15 13:22:03

I'm an ex-CRGHer. I cycled with them in Feb / March and am now 26 weeks pregnant. I'm obviously delighted that we were successful on our first attempt, but I found them frustrating and had to keep on top of them at all times to make sure things were moving forward. I was majorly narked when Dr A moved on half way through my treatment. Had I known he was going, I'd have asked to be assigned a different consultant from the off.

I had the luxury of being on a sabbatical from work whilst I was having IVF so I had nothing else to do than pester the life out of them, and it also didn't really matter to me if they were running late at the clinic as I'd no where else I needed to be, so it wasn't a drama...but I can see how bloody annoying it would be for anyone who has anything resembling a life that they'd like to get on with too.

Having said all of the above, their success rates are still a cut above, so they must be doing something right. We have four embryos on ice, and I will use them again if we decide to have another baby - their FET success rates are amongst the best in Europe.

Kwick709 Tue 18-Aug-15 19:27:42

Hello all! I am a newbie to mumsnet so forgive me if I do not use correct terms etc!
I am with CRGH. I am doing natural cycle IUI with donor sperm. I went today for my second baseline scan - this is my second cycle, first was abandoned due to business trip i could not change when I got LH surge.
I am getting a little frustrated as I seem to be told something different about my treatment plan each time I go... So for example today I queried the meds and got told by scanner doc to see nurse. Nurse rang me and added another med to list.... I am not even sure what I have already been presribed actually does! Anyway I have emailed my consultant with my questions... Lets see if that works!
Best of luck to all those trying to be with child smile

purplemeggie Wed 02-Sep-15 22:17:00

Just seen this. Still waiting for test results, 4 1/2weeks after a test that they said I'd have results in a week. I rang to chase after 2 weeks and was told the results could take 3 weeks. Not impressed - and it's going to be too late to be helpful if they don't get their fingers out. Will be chasing again tomorrow.

Shellster52 Thu 03-Sep-15 03:40:12

Hello purple, it feels like I am stalking you as I seem to be posting on the last few threads right after you! What test are you waiting for? I hope it doesn't interfere with your cycle.

Mardy, what a horrid time you've had with the clinic. From all the stories on here, it really does sound like they are very un-organised. And with purple needing to chase them to get results, and tootsie commenting that she had to constantly pester them to get answers during her cycle, it really does sound like they must be getting these calls all day long and its a case of the greasy wheel gets the oil. So I would continue chasing up - 2 years is ridiculous when time is not on your side. Did DH get a call back? If not, do you have the strength to chase up as it seems it is the only way to get somewhere. Best of luck. It's already such an emotionally draining time without a clinic making the emotions worse!

purplemeggie Fri 04-Sep-15 10:50:46

Hi Shell - I know your sort, you mad stalker wink. It's my killer cell test. It may now be too late because I've just realised that I need to have the treatment a week before transfer, so by the time I've organised it from Prague, it probably won't be here in time sad.

Mardy - I've just realised I'm moaning about a different clinic: mine's CRGW (is that the Welsh branch of the same lot?)

I chased my results yesterday, only to be told (by someone who wouldn't tell me what they were because she wasn't qualified to discuss them with me) that they WERE there the last time I chased - then I got a separate call from someone else that wasn't qualified to discuss them with me telling me that they'd ask someone to call me. I'm still waiting. I've just sent them a very cross email....

Shellster52 Thu 10-Sep-15 04:40:19

Yep, and here I am madly stalking you again after I just replied on the other thread purple. I didn't comment on your killer cell test there because my post was already very long without mentioning it. But I did feel for you when you wrote that it came back normal but you were a bit disappointed the lipids didn't go ahead. I guess if they had of replied earlier, perhaps you would have had time to consider organising doing it anyway as a belts and braces type approach. Or is there harm in having it done if it's not warranted? At least you've done the antibiotic treatment as something new to overcome what now seems to be an implantation issue.

Sorry to take over the thread Mardy. Hoping you have since heard from the clinic and got some answers.

purplemeggie Thu 10-Sep-15 08:18:02

Wasn't an option, Shell - the clinic would only offer it if the test was positive. There was another test that they said could indicate it might be helpful - and if the results had come back earlier I probably would have looked into that - so it's another "what if" - grrrr!

Shellster52 Wed 16-Sep-15 05:03:06

Ah okay, so it wasn't an option with the negative result. These clinics really need to get their act together - taking so long to give you a result and not giving you time to look into that second test. I really do hope all these 'what ifs' are warranted in two weeks time.

FishenNuggets Wed 16-Sep-15 06:02:02

mardi we had problems similar do what you describe 4-5 yrs ago when we were with our first clinic. Had 2 cycles there and all the miscommunication added so much unnecessary stress.

I had a breakdown after the first cycle. I'm sure the stress of their procedures didn't help. I ended up seeing a therapist and DH did all the phone calls for the 2nd cycle as I was in floods of tears every time I tried to call.

Both cycles with that clinic were unsuccessful. We then changed clinic to one in Barcelona and they were quick and efficient. We now have 4y old and we're back in Barcelona today to have one of our frosties implanted.

Good luck with it

FishenNuggets Wed 16-Sep-15 06:03:26

Ps our first clinic was guys and Thomas

Kwick709 Wed 16-Sep-15 20:20:09

Just an update on my CRGH experience -my email approach to the consultant worked - she got back to me and clarified I had been put into the system incorrecty as a ivf instead of iui.... Anyway I got to my first iui and now I am hoping and praying that I am pregnant. None of this is easy so best wishes to us all.

Shellster52 Thu 17-Sep-15 01:44:43

Glad the email approach worked Kwick - and that you've now had your first IUI! I assume there are no known fertility issues with you and the only reason for doing IUI is because of the donor sperm so fingers crossed it works. Although even for couples with no known fertility issues, they seem to say to try for 6+ months before seeking help, so take heart that it might work next time if not this one. Let us know how you get on.

BettyBi0 Thu 17-Sep-15 14:55:43

I think CRGH may be a victim of their own success. They just seem to overbook and have crazy waits which add to the stress.

I had a successful fresh IVF from CRGH in 2013. There were lots of annoying miscommunications and long waits but I never complained as we got lucky first time with them after a truly horrendous cycle at Homerton.

When we started operation sibling I didn't hesitate about going back to CRGH but I've had an awful awful awful experience of them this time around sadly. I should mention at this point that they have successfully got me pregnant again so perhaps I should just shut up. But it could have all gone wrong so many times because of incompetent things along the way.

There are a couple of really rubbish new members of staff since my last cycle there. I had several serious errors on my prescriptions which could have been really expensive and also dangerous. Last minute phone calls saying certain basic STD test results were missing and needed repeating THE DAY BEFORE MY EGG COLLECTION! Miscommunication over time of procedures, doses of meds.... Ugh I could go on and on. It was really stressful trying to keep on top of everything myself and frustrating having to take advice from an ultrasound technician rather than a Dr considering how much £££££ we were spending.

Anyway, I ended up with moderate OHSS with large ascites and felt like death for a few weeks. Had to freeze all the embryos and wait until my ascites went away before I could do a frozen embryo transfer. I was livid as I'd been in for daily blood tests and scans every other day during stims so they must have spotted the OHSS coming. Then to make things worse they hit me with over £800 bill for blood tests during the OHSS which they had caused. Unbelievable! They didn't charge me the standard £2250 for the actual FET but I've still had to pay for all the extra meds and bloods and embryo freezing and storage.

I feel like I can't complain as in 2 transfers they have it me pregnant twice but bloomin heck there was a lot of unnecessary stress along the way! I'd recommend only using CRGH if you have balls of steel and good medical knowledge so that you can check things all the way

Kwick709 Sun 20-Sep-15 20:12:11

Thanks Shellster and BettyBio for your posts. Yes - the only reason I am doing IUI is because there is no chucka-chucka around so unless I rely on the immaculate conception I will never have a baby! Although I do have PCOS and only 1 ovary - but apparently thsi should not impact my chances.
I am now on day 16 post IUI and no period and no positive test either!!! I am still hoping against hope that I am pregnant but Lord knows what is going on...
I hear what you are saying about CRGH... i am not sure if it gets better elsewhere (in the UK). The more I learn about this area, the more I see it is a cash cow... At least it stills seems less costly than in the USA. You are right this is a very stressful process and I am learning as I go & I kind of have the expectation that I will be taken care of by the team.... But now I know I have to question everything and be really assertive at times and maintain a zen like calm during the waits and all of this without wine!!!!!!!! But you know, nothing in my life worthwhile has been easy and this is soooooo worthwhile.

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