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Letter from the hospital

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MrsS1710 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:44:17

Good news!
I received two letters from the hospital today, the first one was to inform us that I have been placed on the NHS waiting list for IVF and the other one was a copy of what has been sent to our GP, confirming our letter but also telling the following, which I dont compleatly understand.

I have a AMH of 16 however when the astral fo local count was done it was 2 + 3 ( I will be having another scan for this)
Also the letter states that I am now on the waiting list under my local CCG in December 2015 for slot 16 (I don't unders this bit, so any help would be greatful)

If anyone can help me decipher this please can you do so, as all this the medical terminology is still new to me.
Thank you in advance.

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