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Anyone waited this long for AF after stopping contraception? Help!

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PrincessDandelion Sun 09-Aug-15 11:26:36

Hi everybody

I had my implant removed over a year ago (July 2014) with a view to starting to TTC a few months after that. Over a year later and I still have not had AF, not even a withdrawal bleed. I used to have regular cycles prior to the implant.

Scans have ruled out PCOS (I don't have any other symptoms either) and I have had every blood test under the sun which have all come back "normal" (no nothing wrong with my hormones, just show I'm not ovulating). Ovulation kits and temping is useless as I don't appear to have a cycle.

I have an appointment at my local fertility/gynae clinic in a few weeks to investigate anything physical.

I have been reading and reading and cannot find anyone who has had a similar experience to me. Please please please can anyone tell me if they have waited this long? I feel like I've been patient but I am just so frustrated. confused


Moomin37 Tue 11-Aug-15 19:55:33

Hello Princess sorry to hear about your frustrating situation - I stopped taking the pill in July 2014 and then had a 381 day cycle! I have a diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea and I have just taken my first course of Clomid - on CD10 and trying to DTD EOD. I had a lap and dye and hysteroscopy recently that found a little endo but everything else was fine, then out of no where I got AF shortly afterwards.

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