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Completley Lost.....

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waterjungle Thu 06-Aug-15 17:15:29

Hi Everyone,

I’m posting here because I’m basically in a right old state. I’m going to dump the information straight from my brain onto the page in the hope that it will be easier to understand.

Previously had fibroid removed on fallopian tube.

TTC 3 years, now aged 37.

Our first NHS referral was lost by the hospital meaning we missed that round of appointments. This meant our first appointment didn’t happen for 9 months after we entered the system.

Initial test on the NHS showed - ovarian reserve normal, sperm essentially normal, internal scan normal. Essentially, unexplained infertility.

Because of my past history of fibroids our specialist wants to do a laparoscopy with dye to check for scar tissue, remove if needed and clear tubes if there are blockages.

We got told the wait for this was another 9 months - that was 6 months ago.

For the past 18 months fibroid pain has been back again

GP recommended going through private healthcare to deal with pain but seeing the same surgeon as we see for fertility and arranged a separate private referral.

Surgeon said he could do the operation privately this was o.kyed by private health care. They told me to book and come back to them with date of operation.

Got a call next day call from NHS saying place free on operation list, explained that I would be having operation privately and that they could take me off list.

Called back private health company with date of operation now questioning funding and saying that as the operation has fertility implications they probably wont pay for it.

So basically in a few days I have gone from being able to have a long waited for operation done next week privately, to no private operation and a Lost place on the NHS waiting list.
I called the person that deals with the waiting list and was told I basically have to go back to the start of the process again and get a referral from my G.P. Place on NHS gone no operation.

I’m in bits, I am about to start 3 days of 13 hour shifts at work - coincidentally I’m due to be ovulation and I’m meant to be having tons of sex and I just want to cry, throw up and punch something.

I’m sorry this is just one long rant - I know I have so many things to be grateful for in my life I just feel utterly lost and powerless at the moment.

Rubgyshapedlegs Thu 06-Aug-15 17:25:30

I feel for you. Here's what to do: ring the secretary to the consultant surgeon and explain everything to them. They will have dealt with private healthcare companies and will know what to put on the form, namely that this is NOT fertility related.

waterjungle Thu 06-Aug-15 17:39:24

Rubgyshapedlegs - Thanks for the calm advice to my rather shrill post !

I have spoken to his secretary and asked her if she could play up the fact that it is not FERTILITY related but PAIN related. She said he can only answer the questions they ask. Consultant won't be back in until Monday so hopefully I should know by Tuesday. I've asked to see the report before it's sent and she said if there if anything I don't agree with then they don't have to send it. This is will obviously mean though that I get refused the procedure.
I just have to wait, it's just a real anxiety inducing feeling to know that the way someone writes simple words will have such and impact on what happens to you xxx

Rubgyshapedlegs Thu 06-Aug-15 17:46:12

Yep! Been there! Hopefully your consultant isn't daft and knows he won't get paid if he doesn't get the referral right as you won't have the op!

Aside from the fibroid stuff, in your shoes Id throw everything at it and go straight to a private clinic with a good success rate and go straight to ivf. They should also be able to sort fibroids etc whilst they're at it, instead of you being messed about like you are now. Time really really is of the essence.

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