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Egg freezing question

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Blankiefan Wed 05-Aug-15 20:32:33

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but my friend is looking for some "technical" advice and I thought people on this board might be able to help.

DFriend is late 30s and single so is freezing eggs as a contingency plan. She's in her first cycle and was told they'd try to harvest 12 eggs this cycle then she has a cycle off then they try for another 12 eggs on the cycle after that. She had another scan today and they've identified 25 follicles that are growing eggs (sorry if my language is wrong, I don't know much about it).

They "harvest" the eggs on Saturday.

Given that she seems to be creating so many more eggs than planned, she's hoping she might get away with just one cycle. (More from a hassle/discomfort pov but obviously cost would be significantly lower too).

She'll obviously discuss it with the clinic but is aware that they have a profit motivation so is looking for some impartial advice.

If she gets, say, 20 eggs - is that good enough not to bother with a second cycle? What's an ok number?

Thanks so much for any guidance.

StitchingMoss Wed 05-Aug-15 20:37:38

That's a very good number but it's quality not quantity that counts and she won't know the quantity until she comes to use them unfortunately.

So, I had 9 eggs on my first IVF - only four fertilised, two were put back which I then m/c, two were frozen and used on my next cycle but neither survived defrosting.

On my 2nd cycle I only produced 2 eggs - and only one survived the night. I was devastated but that single embryo is currently sitting next to me watching GBBO!

So, yes, to answer your question, 20 would give her good odds of a baby but no guarantees.

Persipan Thu 06-Aug-15 06:39:09

In her late 30s, her egg quality is likely to be lower than that of a younger woman (the diagrams here are quite helpful: - so, maybe she has a decent number of dots, but quite a high proportion of them are likely to be 'red dots'). And, she really won't have much sense what the quality of them is like if they aren't going to be fertilised now. So, for instance, on my first cycle I had a dozen or so follicles, 8 eggs retrieved, 7 of which were mature - but only three fertilised, resulting in embryos of varying quality (none of which resulted in pregnancy).

She probably needs to wait until after her retrieval to have a really clear idea of where she stands, as 20 follicles may not necessarily translate to 20 eggs. But, all that aside, it sounds like she's in a good position because she's responding well!

miamiaMo Sat 29-Aug-15 15:11:00

A friend of my is scheduling a visit in a ivf clinic (Warsaw) and their website says: "The average number of eggs collected at XXX Clinics ranges from 8 to 14. Depending on the woman’s age and its medical situation, the number of eggs eligible for collection varies. In the case of healthy women under 32 – the average number of collected eggs can even reach 12-18. The average number of collected eggs decreases with woman’s age."
As she is almost 40, is number from 8 to 14 Ok for her?

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