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IVF starting :o

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enocar Mon 03-Aug-15 18:09:21

Slightly in shock at how fast things are moving along, so used to appointment and then months of waiting!! Been to the ivf clinic today and I'm to ring them up as soon as this cycle starts! Which is in the next few days smile Obviously I understand there are many hurdles still to jump over and through and under lol, but I can't believe we are here already! Lots to take in, helps that I got lots of the information here, the consultant kept asking if I/we had any questions and when I said no, she'd say oh you haven't asked me 'blah' and I'd answer it as it was something I'd already looked up lol! Think she was slightly obsessed with us having questions to ask, but at the same time I'm not going to go into IVF without any knowledge of what I'm going to go through! But yhea just eeek excited, and nervous and just hoping

enocar Mon 03-Aug-15 18:21:47

(Didnt mean to send then) that everything goes okay smile They had a look at my womb, ovaries(ultrasound wand?) and apparently that was fine, thou I'm sure she said they were slightly PCOS while she was looking, but when I asked afterwards she said they were fine. Slightly nervous about the ivf journey being the end, like if this doesn't work then that's it, but have to think positive, this time next year I could be pregnant smile

ranchgirl Tue 04-Aug-15 14:47:41

Good luck enocar.
Starting our 2nd cycle in a few days also.
Imposed but just try to keep calm and avoid stress. Had my first cycle at most stressful time of year at work. I'm now off work so hoping I can avoid all that and be a lot wiser this time.

enocar Tue 04-Aug-15 16:43:50

Thankyou smile Spoke to work, new management on my department and head of personnel was on maternity leave last time (the irony lol) both very supportive, and personnel lady is going to do some research on what to expect re possible side effects (won't be surprised if I go in and she's signed me off sick herself if she is going to look at them lol) said I would be trying not to take any days off, as I think I would be stressing more at home, too much time to feed my google habbit lol! But would possibly need short notice time off or change of shift smile Fingers crossed for us both, I know the chance of failure is a higher percentage but so is the lottery and I play that lol! Gotta go back in 2 weeks (ish) for treatment plan smile

ranchgirl Wed 05-Aug-15 19:40:30

When I spoke to HR she said I was entitled to two weeks off after transfer. And I was also protected under pregnancy law as technical I am pregnant until proven otherwise.

I took a full day off for my collection, transfer and results. It made it a lot easier.

Seriously, try not to let work worries get in the way. I'm laughing at my own advice - I'm rubbish at it. It's hard when you have lots of responsibilities - I'm in senior leadership in education and find switching off really hard, but nothing matters during that treatment except your health & well being. Put yourself first at all times.

PipAndPosey Wed 05-Aug-15 19:44:07

Good luck Enocar! I'm off on holiday soon otherwise we'd be doing IVF no 1 this cycle too... Starting in Seltember instead. Fingers crossed for you!

enocar Wed 05-Aug-15 23:46:38

Thankyou both smile Yes I'm going to take the days off for transfer and results, and I've got a weeks holiday still to book, I just know im better off occupying myself with work, overthinking at home won't change the outcome.....if that was the case we'd all be pregnant! Enjoy your holiday pip smile Hope it's somewhere nice and sunny smile I'm off to the hospital tomorrow to get more bloods done, guess I should get used to the needles......gladly swap with you ;)

Tara08 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:02:01

Hi all I'm new to this I'm a bit nervous , I start Ivf treatment in September I 28 years old we have been trying to conceive more than two years , last year my doctor referred me fertility investigation they found my Fallopian tube were blocked had surgery , on clomid my only chance to conceive was recommended Through Ivf , does anyone out there no what are the chance of getting pregant first cycle i will be using my own egg an partner ,

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