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Secondary infertility - What tests should I be asking for?

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closephine85 Fri 24-Jul-15 07:23:02

Hiya, looking for a bit of advice! I feel like my husband and I are not being taken very seriously at our fertility clinic. We are both only 30, have one child already and I feel like we are being fobbed off a bit. I can't count the amount of times we've been told 'well you've done it before' 'you're still young' etc!!

We have been trying for 2 years for a second child (1st was conceived after 6 months of trying) - the tests we have had so far have all come back fine. I have had the blood tests at different points in my cycle to check i'm ovulating, HSG to check for blockages and folicle tracking. All of which have come back 'perfect'. My husbands sperm analysis has come back as borderline twice but we've been told this shouldnt make any difference?!

We have been offered to start IUI in a couple of months but I am wary to try this without further investigations first. Can anyone tell me what other tests I can ask for? Where I live we are offered 6 months of IUI free and I'm just so scared to use them as I feel like they might be wasted if there is something underlying that hasn't been found yet.

We don't think we'll ever go down the ivf road as the thought of spending all that money on something that could fail, when I could be putting it towards the child I haves future is too much.

Any advice much appreciated. We have an appointment with the consultant in 2 weeks and I want to be prepared with the right questions to ask! Thanks

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