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update/advice please/clinic recommendations

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lugo40 Thu 23-Jul-15 16:36:25

We've been TTC for 19 months. 3 SA have showed very low count and very low motility, with one actually showing zero motility. DH was referred by gp to a urologist and we had the first appointment today ( within 5 weeks of referral amazingly).

We saw a lovely consultant, very thorough and took time to explain everything. he said that theres one of two things happening - 1) the testes aren't producing sperm, in which case donor sperm would be our only option 2) the sperm aren't getting through - in which case they can aspirate the sperm and we could have ICSI.

He has ordered hormone bloods, an USS of testes and another SA and we are going back to see him in 6-8 weeks with all the results.

My questions to you knowledgable ladies are:

1) should i be asking gp to refer us to fertility alongside this or wait for the urologist to finish and then he will refer or recommend gp does with all of his findings?

2) i have had a 21 day blood which was normal and an internal uss which showed a polyp i have now had removed. Should i be pushing for other tests or waiting till we are seen by fertility?

3) anticipating a long wait for nhs icsi we will be exploring private treatment initially. I need to reduce my bmi first so we were hoping to start this process in the new year. Can anyone recommend a london or surrey clinic who offer mild/natural ivf? we have been appalled by the service that create offer so far so will not be going with them. any others?

Thank you!

lugo40 Sat 25-Jul-15 06:11:06

Were thinking of:

The Bridge
New life
Were considering Create but have ruled it out based on poor service so far

I would be so grateful if you have other london or surrey based recommendations or if you can tell me how you got on with the above

Thank you so much

Edenviolet Sat 25-Jul-15 14:55:14

We looked at Create and Hammersmith as they were nearest to us and most convenient

Create were wonderful although are sometimes slow to reply to emails/return calls I can't fault their treatment of us at all we felt very supported throughout our cycle

Hammersmith on the other hand were dreadful (we had an initial appt and they were very unpleasant to us )

18yearsoftrying Sat 25-Jul-15 21:09:00

Create didn't answer any of my calls, messagea via their 'Contact Us' online page or any of my emails....& that was only to express an interest in their service. Obviously I didn't go with them.

ARGC are renowned for being aggressive but I didn't use them so can't confirm this.

If The Bridge is the Hammersmith one that was the only one our GP recommend. I'm 40 miles outside of London.

RooibosTeaAgain Sat 25-Jul-15 22:44:52

Unsure if they do mild ivf but found they certainly listen to what you want and that is Mr George Nduwke at Zita West ( recommend him not the clinic - not saying anything wrong with clinic at all but he is the only consultant I know there).
Heard lots of good things about ARGC - intensive, ( regular tests/scans can be stressfuk but can help others), pricey but very well liked by those that use it and people travel for the clinic. Would be my 2nd choice after ZW.
The Lister would be my 3rd choice.

But I have immune issues and male infertility so that would be my focus choosing them. Had 2 successful Bfp's due to the named consultant.

18yearsoftrying Sat 25-Jul-15 23:06:51

The clinic I went with did a natural/drug-free cycle.

18 years of IVF drugs were unsuccessful so I just went with a natural one & got pregnant on that 1st attempt. Happy to PM you if you'd like.

lugo40 Sun 26-Jul-15 07:29:21

Thanks for your recommendations. So helpful! Especially to have consultant names and hear successes!
Congratulations 18years of trying- yes, please do pm me, would like to know more

18yearsoftrying Sun 26-Jul-15 12:12:39

All done x

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