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Still trying after ectopic

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Eviep1 Sun 19-Jul-15 15:01:43

Just wondered if there is anyone else in my boat. Last Aigust I had an ectopic pregnancy at 5 weeks we have been ttc ever since with no luck. I am 38 and now starting to panic.

CakeRattleandRoll Tue 21-Jul-15 17:19:42

Hi Evie. I first started ttc at age 38, and got preg first try. However, that was ectopic, not diagnosed in time, ruptured and I ended up losing a tube.

We waited a couple of months before trying again, but nothing. My hormone tests came back fine, definitely ovulating, and DH tests also fine. We obviously knew that we could theoretically get pregnant, but nothing was happening.

Spoke with my obstetrician, who said it was quite possible my other tube was knackered (due to age) and was happy to refer us for IVF straight away, given my age. I am in Australia and the system is a bit different here and moves faster. I suspect that more tests would be done in UK to try to determine the cause of the infertility before IVF referral.

Anyway, I had my embryo transfer 9 months after the ectopic, and we were very lucky that it worked, with DS born after I turned 40. I had more IVF last year and again very lucky, with DD born shortly before my 43rd birthday.

So don't panic, although I can totally relate to the anxiety, but maybe start to think about your options and get the ball rolling if you are considering IVF because success rates do drop a lot after you reach late 30s. Best of luck! flowers

Tryingthisonefornow Tue 21-Jul-15 17:24:13

We were two years from ectopic to successful pregnancy with dc1. Was hard going and we were just about to start fertility treatment when I fell pregnant.

Dc2 on the other hand was first month of ttc! Quite unexpected after first experience.

Hope everything works out for you, I wouldn't see the harm in approaching your GP to tequest initial ovulation and sperm tests so you know where you stand on that front.

Boymini Sun 23-Jul-17 08:24:00

Hie ladies, am new on this forum. I had a Ectopic pregnancy resulting in me losing my right tube in March 2017. I have been trying to conceive since then its now July with no luck.

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