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IVF waiting list

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flowerfairy1980 Sun 19-Jul-15 09:26:44

We have been on the IVF waiting list (NHS) for Glasgow Royal since May this year. They told us the waiting list is approx 12 months.
Wondering if anyone else has been on a similar length of waiting list anywhere else and ended up getting to the top of list much sooner than expected. Or should I expect May 2016?
Any thoughts/experience would be very much appreciated, thanks.

enocar Wed 22-Jul-15 23:31:18

Hello smile I'm in Wales and I had a letter in April to say I was on the list, phoned to ask about the length of time and was told 8 months, and to ring in 4. Received an appointment for beginning of Aug (only 3 months wait!) phoned hospital again to confirm appointment, queried whether this was THE actual ivf appointment and lady said they had caught up with the waiting list smile So don't despair, it can happen smile Good luck with your ivf journey xxx

enocar Wed 22-Jul-15 23:32:58

Sorry 12 month wait and to ring in 4 I meant.....

flowerfairy1980 Thu 23-Jul-15 03:21:37

Wow thanks enocar!
That's really encouraging. I'm excited and also extremely nervous at the thought of it happening sooner :-/
It's a very frustrating situation. I will probably give them a call further down the line, maybe a month or two to see if there's any indication of how long at that point.
Best of luck to you too on your journey! x

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