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natural bfp after failed ivf cycle - risky?

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hawaiibaby Sat 18-Jul-15 08:55:55

Our cycle of IVF failed recently - got a BFN mid May and my bleed 2 days after. I then had another AF 28 days later, mid June. We then started TTC just in case - despite having MF infertility and me only having one tube due to an ectopic. And yesterday... we got a bfp, I think I am just over 4 weeks.

Of course we are so happy and grateful, but I have woken up worried about how recently we had our treatment and if this could affect things? For example, do I have enough progesterone after DR stripped my natural hormones etc? (I stopped taking progesterone once I got the bfn after ivf).

I have 7 progesterone pessaries left and am a little tempted to take them but am worried about interfering with nature. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience about how long it takes for your body / hormones to return to normal following a failed cycle? I'm just so scared of losing this chance at a miracle.

Thanks so much.

BadgerFace Sat 18-Jul-15 22:27:04

I had a natural pregnancy in April after a failed FET which was a March bleed so no cycles in between. I asked my clinic if I could/should take the progesterone I had left over and the nurse said it wouldn't do any harm if I wanted to but wouldn't most likely make much difference if I did.

I didn't bother in the end and all was fine. Am currently 15 weeks.

Good luck! It's an amazing thing to have happened for you.

BadgerFace Sat 18-Jul-15 22:40:21

Just to add could you ring your clinic to discuss with them?

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