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Test results back, inconclusive, advice?

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lessonsintightropes Thu 16-Jul-15 23:36:52

Hi, just had my day 3 and day 21 test results back.

Day 3s are fine in terms of ovarian signs (didn't get this but didn't ask the GP, too shocked I think), no thyroid problems, no communicable diseases.

Day 21 showed I hadn't ovulated. But... the evening after the test, I had spotting (fairly common for me at ovulation) followed by EWCM. I explained this to the GP who recommended I come for a walk-in blood test the morning after I think I've ovulated this month, as the test showed that I hadn't. My cycle was much longer this month so I am hoping that the new test will show I am okay.

Whilst we've been fairly relaxed about things, we've gone for tests having TTC for 18 months and are both in our late thirties (me 37, him 38). He's going to do the sperm test soon (couldn't do in sync as he was on antibiotics for Lyme Disease after an ill fated walking holiday in Sweden).

GP asked within first two minutes whether we were looking for an IVF referral (we are in Lewisham and I think the cut off is 38 for me, so December). I (stupidly) wasn't expecting the question at that point as we thought we'd go for routine tests first, and whilst we would love to have a child, are extremely nervous about IVF having seen it seriously challenge the happy marriages of some friends of ours.

So... advice/reassurance please..

- What do the day 3 tests saying my ovaries are okay mean - does this indicate I am still fertile?
- How soon do we need to make up our minds about trying for IVF - and any of you having second thoughts about this?
- How have any of you coped with this uncertainty - any pointers?

Amummyatlast Sat 18-Jul-15 08:45:57

I have unexplained infertility, which means I've gone through all the tests and they can't identify what's wrong. So, while your day three results are fine (as are mine), this doesn't necessarily mean you will fall pregnant. If the day 21 test continues to show that you are not ovulating, I believe they will prescribe Clomid for a while to encourage ovulation. If it comes back as you are ovulating, it then common to have a test to check your Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

I found that IVF actually brought me and my husband closer together. What nearly destroyed us was the years of infertility. Even after our first go at IVF, we felt better about the whole thing. And we were lucky to get DD on the second go (with ICSI).

While IVF/ICSIisn't a pleasant experience, I didn't find it that bad. I'm currently trying to decide whether or not to do it again.

inamaymaybewrong Tue 21-Jul-15 17:40:31

OP, I had NHS IVF at King's when I lived in Lewisham 4 years ago. I was 34 at the time. It worked and I now have a child. They wouldn't give me Clomid until after checking my tubes were open though. It makes sense really. If you have a tubal issue Clomid won't help and can even be dangerous.

I'd recommend acupuncture alongside traditional medicine. It can be very helpful in regulating your cycle and promoting good ovulation and endometrial lining etc.

inamaymaybewrong Tue 21-Jul-15 17:42:41

I agree with the previous poster, for me, IVF was much 'easier' than the years of infertility stress. But everyone is different and I'm sure my view is coloured by the fact that my IVF worked.
But remember, the IVF process itself can be diagnostic so it's often a helpful process for future cycles even if the first doesn't lead to pregnancy.

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