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My IUI journey

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Char2015 Thu 16-Jul-15 12:19:40

Hello all.

I really just wanted a place to express how I feel and to share my journey and just have a place where I can write what I want in regards to what I am going through. I have not told anyone about this journey I am taking which has been my choice but sometimes I just like to write down how I am feeling and express what is happening.

I do feel like I shouldn't be writing in this part of the forum purely for the fact that I have no known fertility issues but I do often come here for IUI advice and just to read everyone's stories. I already have a 3 year old daughter (4 in October). She was conceived following a sexual assault. This has not affected mine and her relationship in any way. What has been affected is my attitude towards men. I do not trust them and at the moment do not feel like I ever will. I feel bad, because I do know that there are some genuine men out there, however, I am scared of going through the process of finding out their intentions. So this is pretty much my reason for going through IUI as a single person. I am very comfortable with being a single parent and feel that I am in a position where I can support my child and any further children I have. I am a part time student and I work part time. So that is pretty much my background.

So yesterday I finalised the order for donor sperm so as far as I am aware it is now on it's way to my UK clinic. I have been told that I can book in for the treatment for my next cycle. My calculations have shown that this is due middle of next week, although my breasts have been aching quite a bit and this normally happens a couple of days before day 1 of cycle. So I wonder whether my next cycle will start slightly earlier.

For me, I am a little confused about the process. As far as I know, as my first IUI attempt will be a natural cycle, I won't have to go in for any scans or anything and all what I need to is ovulation tests to test LH surge and ring when it has been detected (peak fertility point) and then go in for the procedure. I say I am confused as I have tried to get the information I need but not getting the answers from the unit when I ask. I think what I will do is ring on the first day of my next cycle and find out what is what. The clinic said that the sperm will arrive next week so they might even ring on receipt of this. What I don't want to happen is for there to be delays for not having the information I need and for this to delay start of treatment. I was referred last September so this is how long I have had to wait to get to this point as it is.

So this is really where I am at the moment - waiting for the clinic to receive the donor sperm and waiting for day 1 of next cycle. The wait is difficult, but I understand that everyone experiences this feeling.

I will post again where I have any further updates.

Char2015 Mon 20-Jul-15 19:11:26

So today was the first time I have ever been excited about me coming on my period. To me this meant that I could telephone the clinic and confirm details for getting booked in for IUI during this cycle. Well this is what I thought anyway. When I did telephone the clinic I was told that they had my name passed to them by the coordinator which meant that they knew I would be contacting during this cycle to confirm everything for the IUI this month. However, they said that despite this, they can't book me in because all the IUI places are booked (they can only do a certain amount each month). I was extremely disappointed with this news as you can imagine as all the information that I received up until this point was that it was certain I would be booked in for this IUI. This was following an email from the donor coordinator who confirmed that all being well with the sperm shipment then I can book in for IUI this month/this cycle. I even followed this email up with a telephone call with one of the nurses who confirmed that I just need to ring on day 1 of cycle to confirm details for what will happen during the next few weeks. I was aware that there are limited IUI treatments each month the clinic can do, this was not new information to me, so I am not annoyed at this. What I am annoyed about is that the information presented to me prior to my contact today practically confirmed that I was okay to go ahead with IUI during this cycle and now today I am being told that I can't. I've been told my name has been put down for August, but I'm concerned that the same thing is just going to happen again and that when I ring next month I will be told exactly the same thing.

On top of the delays already made to treatment due to them being so short of staff, I am so annoyed for choosing this clinic. If I had not already have purchased the sperm and got it shipped, I would definitely be thinking twice about changing clinics. However, I'm not in a position where I can now, and I just have to put up with the endless delays and incorrect information being given to me time and time again.

My apologies for this rant but I've had such a rubbish day and needed somewhere to vent.

Char2015 Tue 21-Jul-15 19:09:01

Well what a day it has been.

After what happened yesterday, I sent the unit an email as well as leaving a message on their answer phone to try and find out what on earth has gone on and why it has gone from me having IUI this month to not. The embryologist confirmed I should have been booked in but had not been. Several emails and telephone conversations later as well as senior members of staff becoming involved I have been informed that they have managed to slot me in for IUI for this current cycle. Yay! However, I have been informed that if this IUI fails I may not be able to book in for this next cycle. They offer a first come first served sort of policy so basically if your period starts earlier in the month you are more likely to get on the list for that cycle whereas if your period starts later in the month you are less likely. Such an unfair policy but one I must follow during my time with this unit I have been told.

So now I have to attend on Thursday (day 4) for a vaginal scan. I have literally no idea what this scan is for. I should have asked but I was still dealing with the stresses of the day. So I've never had a vaginal scan whilst on my period and I'm predicting it is not going to be a pleasant experience. So I guess all being well with scan, I will be having the IUI treatment in the next couple of weeks. After such a long wait and so much stress I am excited about to be moving forward with this process.

So I guess next update will be on Thursday now, unless anything happens between now and then.

Char2015 Thu 23-Jul-15 12:48:45

So yesterday I received an email from the unit to say the sperm had arrived and is in storage until I am ready for IUI. So that made everything seem more real and exciting.

This morning I had my scan (day 4 of cycle) and everything appeared fine. Had a blood test as some bloods were not taken on my last visit. So the thing I was not expecting was being told I needed to give myself an injection. I think I was more worried about the cost but they said it is only about £30-£40 so it is not too bad. They said I might not need to use on this cycle but just to keep it for the next cycle (if this one fails). So I have to pick this up from the pharmacy later on today. The next step is to use ovulation predictor kits from next Wednesday to detect LH surge. They said that normally I would go in on day 10 (next Wednesday) for another scan but they couldn't fit me in so instead I have to go in on Thursday.

This is all so real now and counting days until next Wednesday when I can start testing for LH surge and Thursday when I go for next scan. I think I understood that it may be that I have the injection and may end up having IUI on Friday or Saturday next week but that will all be confirmed next week at the scan.

I think I'm still confused about the process so feel like I am just going with the flow and going in when they tell me to and not really knowing why I am going in until I am actually there.

So I guess my next update will be next week now. So plan until then is just to keep myself distracted and hope time goes fast.

Char2015 Thu 30-Jul-15 11:45:30

So I had my day 11 scan today. Nothing much to report. Largest follicle was only 8 so no where big enough. Been told just to continue with ovulation testing and if I detect a surge just to telephone in. Next scan is booked in for Monday afternoon which will be day 15. I was hoping that I would have the IUI this week (i.e. Friday/Saturday) but it is looking extremely unlikely that this will happen unless I do detect a surge either this evening or tomorrow but chances are low. I just hope I don't detect on Saturday as I'm not sure where that will leave me in terms of having the procedure. They said it is fine if I detect the surge on Sunday as it means I can have the procedure on Monday.

So plan is to continue testing and then take it from there. But all is looking like IUI will take place next week which is very exciting.

I now feel like I'm starting to understand the process a lot more better, and I made sure to ask questions and now feel more comfortable with knowing what is going on.

Char2015 Mon 03-Aug-15 20:19:37

Day 15 of cycle:

I had another scan today but largest follicle still not big enough. It was only measuring 13. They said that it needs to be at least 17. I've been continuing with the ovulation testing at home and no surge as yet. Will continue testing until Wednesday which is when my next scan is. Seems like this cycle will be a long one by the looks of things. But it still looking like I will have the IUI by the end of the week.

Char2015 Wed 05-Aug-15 20:17:19

Day 17 of cycle:

Went in for my scan today. Leading follicle is now 16mm in the right. So now big enough to do the trigger shot. Will be doing the trigger later on this evening and IUI will take place on Friday morning now. They didn't mention any of the other follicle sizes they just referred to the follicle as a leading one.

I got quite emotional today at the appointment as because of my history, I had requested a female to do all scans and procedures. There was a point today when they said that it might not be possible to get a female to do the IUI if I was to have it on Saturday but they would try their best to fit me in on Friday so that a female could do it. Very glad they managed to sort it out for me and get me booked in for Friday.

Extremely excited but also very anxious about how uncomfortable the procedure might be. Also not looking forward to the 2 week wait after.

Also my IUI is going to be on day 19 so it definitely appears that I will be having a longer cycle this month which is quite unusual for me. Thinking about it my period was quite long this month, well longer than usual so yes definitely a long cycle.

I've also been wondering whether the trigger shot increases the chances of multiple pregnancy. I guess I will be doing some reading tonight as I wasn't sure if it was this medication that increases that chance of the other fertility drugs. I'm a twin so it does run in the family. It would be quite nice to have twins and I'm not worried about this if it was to happen but obviously I'll see what happens.

So I guess I will post again on Friday now after the procedure.

RoseBud2015 Wed 05-Aug-15 22:02:54

Hi Char I just wanted to say that I am reading your posts with interest because DH and I are currently on our first cycle of 150mg clomid (50mg and 100mg didn't do a thing and I'm not ov'ing naturally) and if that doesn't work then it has been mentioned that IUI may be the next step. (Or IVF)

I think you are so strong for doing all this on your own! I wish you all the best with your trigger shot! I look forward to reading your further updates! x

bananafish81 Fri 07-Aug-15 17:11:01

Hi Char, wanted to echo Rosebud

Just to say that the trigger shot absolutely cannot increase the risk of multiples in and of itself. The trigger shot is just an injection of hCG (the pregnancy hormone - so you mustn't take a pregnancy test too early as the hCG can still be in your system and give you a false positive!) to trigger the follicle to release the egg. It enables them to time IUI at the right time, as you'll ovulate pretty much bang on 36h after the trigger

Multiples would only be likely if if you already had two ripe mature follicles ready to pop, which would have shown up on the scan. All the trigger does it tell the follicles to release the goods smile - so one follicle means one egg. Many follicles doesn't necessarily mean every egg will fertilise or implant, so 2+ mature follies doesn't mean you'll necessarily have twins! But the only way you could get twins from one follicle - which you had at your scan - would be if the fertilised egg divided into two and you got identical twins. Which would have nothing at all to do with the trigger - would just be one of those rare and wondrous things!

I had a trigger on Weds afternoon, and should have ovulated last night. Mine wasn't for IUI but to make sure my follicle did finish the job (I've been on Clomid this month), and for timed intercourse, but the same principle applies however the sperm is supposed to get up there!

Wishing you lots of luck x

bananafish81 Fri 07-Aug-15 17:14:08

I just realised we triggered at almost the same time! Mine was 4pm on Wednesday smile

I really hope you get your BFP in 2 weeks time!

I'm not expecting anything as the Clomid had thinned my uterine lining, and dried up my CM, so not exactly hospitable conditions for conceiving. But am really hopeful you'll have some awesome news v soon! x

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