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Wheat can cause miscarriage/infertility!!

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googley2 Thu 16-Jul-15 00:26:45

The title was meant to be a little shocker just to get a message home that the medical professional do not seem to want to share very much. My story is 19 miscarriages, 3 pregnancies - last one life threatening with pre-eclampsia and other problems. The drs could never find a reason why I miscarried so much so we started looking down the IVF route when I finally managed to hold onto a pregnancy. My miracle daughter is now 9 and more than I could ever has wished for BUT it is only last month that I have found out I have Cealiac Disease and am Lactose Intolerant. If you suffer with IBS, migraines, CFS, Fibromyalgia, and many other illnesses it can all be caused by the gluten in wheat from foods that you eat AND when the antibodies attack the gluten in your blood it also sees your pregnancy as a foreign body and a miscarriage happens.

There is loads of info on the internet on Cealiac Disease and the symptoms although they vary greatly from one person to another. It in an inherited condition that is carried through the genes. A dr can take a blood test to check for the anti-bodies to confirm it (works for 90%). A simple home test is to stop eating gluten products (and hidden gluten - soups, crisps, gravy, sausage etc) for a week and see if you feel better. If you do then you have to return to eaten gluten for 6 weeks before a blood test can take place. Very few people have no symptoms at all but that is also possible.

This post may help ONE person to save having a miscarriage and I don't understand why this test is not given as standard to pregnant women when they are taking blood anyway. I was giving blood every month for testing for everything under the sun, aids, virus, STI.s but never how my own blood was working in my body. I grieve for all the heartache we had and the pain and turmoil we had to endure. Only 20% of those who have Cealiac Disease are tested, all I can say is if you have fertility problems which result in unexplained miscarriages then get tested before getting pregnant again.

BTW an American consultant told me that the herb Shativari is very good for helping to strengthen the womb in pregnancy - buy pure type - no side effects. I took it during my 7 months pregnancy with no problem and think its maybe what helped me hold onto my baby.

Good luck to all those trying I hope you have success before long.

ClassroomDynamic Thu 16-Jul-15 17:47:44

I'm sorry for all your losses. Thank you for your insights into this also, very interesting and got me thinking about my own situation.

I thought I'd gone into early menopause as no periods for nearly a year, migraines, bloating etc. I just accepted it. But when I went gluten free as I thought that was maybe the cause of the bloating, my periods started again, migraines stopped and no hot flashes either! I think you're right- there may be a link, but it's not commonly known or considered by gps.

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