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clomid blues

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mumtosammy Mon 13-Jul-15 14:31:22

I’m back on clomid round 3, after a clomid BFP earlier this year (which didn’t work out, sadly, a MC at 8 weeks). I’m really struggling on the clomid as it’s making me feel really sad and anxious. Does anyone have any tips on riding out the clomid blues, or just riding out fertility treatment in general? I’m feeling quite obsessed and like I can’t think of anything else.
I’m not going to be monitored at all on clomid this time (as round 2 worked). I feel hopeful because I know it worked last time so it can work for me, but also wary that it might never work again! I have three more months to go at after this one.
Does anyone have experience of clomid working for them more than once?

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