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Frank85 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:38:35

Hoping someone can help or share some experiences....
Had egg collection yesterday where they managed to get 16 eggs
We were advised to go half IVF and half ICSI
Gutted this morning they rang and said only egg from the IVF fertilised and 7 out if the 8 ICSI fertilised..... So worried they wont be any good and wont make blastocyst? Does it matter that its IVF or ICSI?

sammylou1 Fri 10-Jul-15 20:27:39

So you have 8 fertilised in total?
That's amazing! You should be really happy smile
Icsi just means they've got the best of the best sperm. Xx

ByTheNine Fri 10-Jul-15 20:30:36

We had very similar numbers on our first cycle and 3 made it to blastocyst, so fingers crossed for you.

Frank85 Fri 10-Jul-15 21:28:51

Thank you both
Yes 8 made it and 8 didnt..... Wish we hadnt taken the gamble and gone all ICSI
Had a progress report today for the 2nd day
3 have 4 cells
3 have 2 cells
1 has 5 cells
Then the IVF one had 2 cells

They seem quite keen to get them back in tomorrow on day 3....then the others if they make blastocyst they will freeze
Is a day 3 transfer ok? Or is day 5 better? Its so confusing..... The said my womb is a better incubator so they might develop better
Anyone have day 3 and was ok?

AllTheNamesIWantHaveGone Fri 10-Jul-15 21:43:09

I can't actually remember the numbers off the top of my head I think I've blanked them out but I have had three rounds of IVF and each round resulted in a day of tears when we were given our fertilisation results (we had low fertilisation results and poor quality embryos in each round. We have never had anything which reached blastocyst in the lab and could be frozen). Rounds one and two failed. Round three in terms of numbers was our worst round by far (and produced the most tears !) - but I had a day three transfer - and our 18 month DS is currently fast asleep ......

Keep positive and all the best of luck to you xx

Frank85 Fri 10-Jul-15 22:01:36

Thank you, seems to be the more I read the more (i really wind myself up) that everyone case seems different and you just don't know
I really want a decent nights sleep now im driving myself nuts x

ByTheNine Fri 10-Jul-15 22:07:28

Our day 5 transfer didn't make it, in a later cycle we had two 3 day embryos transferred and that cycle was successful (she's a year old now). There's no predicting it so just do what you feel - which right now should mean going to get some sleep!

Frank85 Fri 10-Jul-15 22:16:25

Thank you!
The pain from the collection has finally eased so hopefully sleep is good tonight! smile

Ilikesweetpeas Fri 10-Jul-15 22:19:57

My day 3 transfer worked. Had a 3 cell and a 4 cell replaced and have a perfect DD. Good luck for you, hope that you sleep well and have a successful outcome.

Monkeypuzzle32 Sat 11-Jul-15 08:03:56

8 is good! remember it only takes one as they say! I had 6 eggs with only 1 fertilised and that didnt work but then Improbably older than you. x

Frank85 Sat 11-Jul-15 09:41:43

Thank you everyone....I have one ovary so worried about doing all the injections again, hoping to have some for the freezer if it doesn't work, but I guess least we will know to go 100% ICSI if we do have to go again, Looks like they are going back today, clinic haven't called
Any tips for afterwards?

TreaterAnita Sat 11-Jul-15 10:06:16

We had IVF/ICSI 6 years ago with pretty much identical results IIRC. We had one embryo put back on day 3 and 4 frozen (the other 3 were too low grade). That cycle worked and we went back for FET last year - 2 embryos defrosted well but one was obviously better and was transferred straight away and we now have a 6mo too. We've obviously been very lucky (though my first pregnancy was very complicated for non-IVF related reasons) but clearly having ICSI rather than IVF didn't affect our chances at all.

In terms of tips for afterwards, it's really hard to believe that it won't just fall straight out again but honestly it won't. I just got on with life as normal both times (I think I went back to work the first time), although if you want to put your feet up and make the most of it don't let that stop you...

Good luck!

Frank85 Sat 11-Jul-15 15:06:25

Well that was fun went to london to turn straight back round again!
Was booked in for transfer but they rang on the train and they reckon they can get the majority of them to blastocyst by monday and they will transfer then!
Looks promising to have good ones go back and fingers crossed some for the freezer

Frank85 Mon 13-Jul-15 19:54:17

2 good grade blastocysts transfers today!
Not sure about the others ones yet hopefully they can freeze
Pregnancy test next tues..... Ahhh!!

Mamama31 Mon 13-Jul-15 20:35:26

Frank good luck, ive been reading this thread. I really hope it works for you. Prayers sent your way!

Frank85 Mon 13-Jul-15 21:07:20

Thank you!!! smilesmile

Frank85 Tue 14-Jul-15 17:25:13

So the other 6 embryos didnt make it to the freezer..... Not good enough to take a freeze / de freeze
Gutted! Really thought a few would make it hmm

TreaterAnita Sat 18-Jul-15 01:29:05

Really sorry about the FEs Frank, but best of luck to you for the 2 implants.

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