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Eggs of ethnic origin?

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Heartofgoldheadofcabbage Mon 06-Jul-15 11:18:32

Struggled with the title and this seemed the best to come up with! I am black my DH is white.

Anyway, after struggling for 5 years to conceive we had decided to go down the IVF route, in Spain or Czech Republic due to our budget. However, the websites/clinics we have considered lead you to believe they have a database of donors just waiting to provide eggs, you just have to search for specifics (colouring, background, ethnic details etc).

Just received yet another "sorry all our donors are white" response and I am gutted!
Feels like everytime we overcome disappointment and negativity (too old to use my eggs, not enough money,'ve had a cyst, Mmmm you both need to loose some weight, bla bla bla), we find another way forward and it all comes crashing down.

Can anyone signpost me to a clinic that can help? please?

Maurice169 Mon 06-Jul-15 20:00:06

Sorry to here of your dilemma. So many decisions to make in IVF.
We went with Quiron Barcelona. They found us a suitable donor in less then 6 weeks. They had a good mixture of donors and walking around Barcelona you can see a wide variety skin tones. The two main people at the clinic speak perfect English (if you phone the reproduction clinic ask for Anabel) and are very helpful and answer any questions on the phone or email, promptly. I'm pleased to say our first go was successful and I'm 6 weeks today. Beta blood test results look normal so fingers crossed.
I hope you find somewhere you like and have success!.

Heartofgoldheadofcabbage Mon 06-Jul-15 22:15:11

Hi Maurice
Thanks for your reply and CONGRATULATIONS! flowers After I posted I got a response from a clinic in Greece who said the wait would be 6 weeks/2 months. We are now corresponding but they are also willing to let me use my own eggs with a donor as back-up.
This is such a roller coaster...started the day in tears...ending the day with hope!
Keeping everything crossed for everyone going through this struggle.

scienceteachergeek Mon 06-Jul-15 22:30:17

Very best of luck to you both xxx

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