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What happens next?

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Vap0 Wed 01-Jul-15 19:33:26


Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any answers and advice.

Spotting just started like clockwork meaning af is about to start on Friday.

Friday will mark month 22 ttc #1

After the dreaded depo I only managed to start actually ovulating (or so the opks say) in March this year. I appear to have ovulated each month since. We have had fairly well timed sex, not as often as I would like but about 3 times in fertile window each month.

Last hospital fertility appointment was in March where I was expecting to be given clomid but after I told him I had ovulated in March he sent me away to "just keep trying".

My next appointment is on 20th July so luckily not too long to wait for it now. I'm wondering what the next step would be?

Firstly I'm really hoping he doesn't send me away to "just keep trying" but what would they most likely do?

Would they suggest clomid even though I've been ovulating myself (I say I appear to be ovulating because I have never had this confirmed with a blood test)?

Would they suggest going straight to iui?

Or something I don't know about?

I just don't know how we can get pregnant without help and all of this waiting and trying and testing and preparing my body and abstaining from drink etc is getting very old

I know that only 4 months of ovulation isn't very long but after making the decision to try for baby number 1 being well over 2 years ago now I am at my wits end!

Any ideas?

johendy Fri 03-Jul-15 08:28:26

Hi Vap0

I think you need to go back to a Doc who will run ovulation blood tests for you (at 2 points in the month). The ovulation sticks are useful but not conclusive.

Also after 2 years you deserve for your investigations to be taken more seriously. So go armed with questions about options and steps and investigations.

As far as I know they start with ovulation blood tests, and they check the sperm. If they're both okay they then do more complex investigations. If the ovulation test indicates you didn't ovulate, they'll run it again, as there can be 1 or 2 months a year when you don't ovulate.

I'd be surprised if you were given or recommended any treatment without those tests. So don't leave your appointment workout getting them sorted!

Good luck. And if you need more info is a very active fertility forum with very knowledgeable and helpful women.

Vap0 Fri 03-Jul-15 09:03:35

Hi johnedy we have had loads of blood tests but all have come back inconclusive because up until now my cycles have been all over the place and so have all been done at the wrong time. DP has had a semen analysis and all is fine there. I had a hycosy too which all came back fine. If they suggest bloods again I think I'll go nuts because that takes months itself. Last appointment he was going to put me on Clomid but because I had finally just ovulated myself he didn't want to put me on it as wanted us to just keep trying if my body has finally started working again.

Sorry I don't think I explained the back story properly.

So I'm due back there on 20th where I'll be telling him I have been ovulating for 5 months with no results. I'm wondering if they will put me on Clomid or not because I am actually ovulating?

If not Clomid would they go straight to iui or is there a stage in the middle?

I'm 33 and getting worried!

johendy Fri 03-Jul-15 20:44:12

33 is still young so don't worry too much yet. I'd never say don't worry because infertility is difficult to cope with, and I know the feeling of each month ticking by.

I wouldn't let the doctor rely on your home ovulation sticks to decide treatment again. So maybe play that down?

I'm no expert on ovulation affecting infertility as we had to go straight to icsi for male factor infertility. But as I understand it, clomid can regulate your cycle to get things predictable and give you the best chance. Seems that'd be the logical next step.

Iui is often the next step after clomid but to do that they need to be exact about your ovulation through monitoring, which is intrusive and costly (for the nhs), so if your cycles aren't regular, they'd want to try and sort that first.

Jump on the other site I mentioned. There will be women with much more expertise about your situation than me.

Good luck

TwinkleStars15 Sat 04-Jul-15 21:22:00

vap In my opinion you need to not say that you are ovulating as you actually have no confirmation of this, the only way of doing this is to get a day 21 blood test which you can ask your GP to do. You'll have the results back within a week. Without confirmation there's no guarantee that you are. Good luck.

Vap0 Wed 22-Jul-15 23:19:48

So, in answer to what happens next...
The next stage is ivf
After another 6 months of trying and then a waiting list of 3 months
If nothing happens naturally then we are looking at April 2016 for the ivf journey to start - that will be 31 months into the process...

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